Your home should be a sanctuary that replenishes your soul and makes you feel at peace. That's why it's so upsetting when bugs take hold of your castle, instead making it feel like a cheap motel. Here are some of the most common pests to invade homes across America.


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Various spiders live in every state and country in the world. While some are merely horrific to look at, others have poisons that can cause strokes, scarring, or even death! You might see one or two spiders a year in your home, but that doesn't mean there aren't thousands lurking in dark corners.

Smart home owners know which spiders are common in their area and look out for the poisonous ones.


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If you live in a warm and humid place, then it's likely cockroaches live nearby. When they invade a home, it can be virtually impossible to get rid of them without a trained professional. Some cockroaches are easier to get rid of than others, though. For example, German cockroaches lay eggs and fill a home with their creepy crawly legs. Subsequently, they're nearly impossible to root out.

Never save really old, plastic grocery bags; they've been known to bring cockroach eggs into an uninfested home.

Bed Bugs


Insidious and traumatizing, bed bugs cost thousands of dollars to fumigate and rarely leave from cheaper methods of eradication. One pregnant female can quickly become as many as 200 bugs within two weeks. Because of that, travelers need to be wary of bed bugs in hotel rooms, rental cars, library books and movie theaters. Some people believe that bed bugs only infest dirty people, but professionals know that bed bug infestations are a matter of bad luck.

By carefully inspecting hotel rooms before settling in and washing clothes after going out, you can most likely avoid bed bug bites.



Unseen but horrible, termites can destroy a historical old home more surely than a hurricane. Termites make wood weaker and can cause great damage to unsuspecting people who walk on affected surfaces. Termite fumigation can be expensive, embarrassing, and difficult to schedule, because it requires a family to leave their home for several days.

While termites don't bite humans, they're an expensive burden for home owners.


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Perhaps the least-offensive pest to find in your home, ants crawl in through every crack and crevice that isn't protected. Professionals can create internal and external barriers from ants, and use ant-bating if there's a serious issue. However, the best preventative method is to keep food crumbs swept up and windows and doors well-sealed.

Most ant bites are minor nuisances, but some can leave big welts that itch for months.

These common critters are offensive and embarrassing. While some are just expensive for homeowners, others can be life-threatening and traumatizing. Protect your home, your wallet, and your body from these pests by consulting a professional in your area and keeping your house clean.