The hair loss industry is a multi-million dollar business for a good reason. About 60% of men will experience unwanted hair loss in their life times. This wouldn't be such a problem except that our society places a lot of a man's worth on his looks. For example, obese people are thought to be lazy and less intelligent and, along with this, men who have premature balding are thought to be older and less virile than they really are. If you want to do something about finding an effective hair loss treatment then look into hair transplantation which has helped thousands of men to get hair growing on their head again.

As a hair loss treatment transplants can't be beat. Medical hair transplantation may be the only life-long and also the most effective solution to defeating genetic hair loss once the baldness has occurred. There are other hair loss prevention products that can be useful with your fight to end a receding hairline but they are not useful once the hair has fallen out. Under normal circumstances, medical hair transplantation comprises removing and replanting hairs together with their follicles from a certain place of the scalp, known as the donation site, and skillfully placing them in the balding area. A large number of people notice there are several plus points to hair transplants rather than using treatments to prevent hair loss.

At present, hair transplants in the US could cost somewhere between $4,000 to as much as $18,000 based on the area that is to be transplanted as well as the expertise of your surgeon. Some other factors may well be involved. However, the price should stay a one time expense and mostly no supplementary fees should be charged for added consultations and medications. Certain specialists will have a fixed price, instead of basing it upon the actual number of strands of hair or follicles transplanted, alternatively they charge the fees upon the measurement of the transplant area.

The cost of hair transplantation is fairly expensive but what is it worth to you to have a full head of hair again. You will see all kinds of claims for products that are supposed to re-grow your hair but in reality once a man is bald there is not much help available other than implanting new hair follicles into the balding area. If you look at this one time cost versus the ongoing monthly charge of trying to re-grow hair with some lotion or solution you will see that the price for the method of obtaining a full head of hair is really quite reasonable.