So, you have writer's block?

fix writers blockLet's say you have been sitting at your computer for two hours now, and you haven't come up with any ideas for a topic to write about OR you don't know what else to add to something you've already begun, what are you going to do? Everyone runs into this problem now and then. It can be extremely frustrating when it happens to you. Some people have their own ways to cure writer's block, but most people may need a little help.

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Step 1

Take a step back from your computer and have some time for yourself. Don't think about writing for a little while, instead take the time to relax and think about other things. Later, you can come back and attempt to write more. Maybe you will have had some ideas while you weren't focusing on the fact that you don't know what to write.

Step 2

writers block Are you a perfectionist? Are you thinking too much about how good your writing needs to be? Forget about all of that and just write. There is always time to come back and edit what you have written. If you focus on the fact that your writing has to be perfect, then you're stressing yourself out and that won't help you think of anything, because no ideas will be "perfect" enough.

Step 3

Try writing exercises, such as Mad Libs. Things like this help put new ideas in your head, and they also distract you from the fact that you don't know what to write. Another thing to try is using your senses to help you write. For example, "As Maggie walked along the river, she felt the chilled air touch her arms, and each breath she took made her lungs feel like ice." etc. You could probably come up with something better than that even!

Step 4

Maybe, instead of trying to think of a topic to write about, construct a journal entry about your day. It shouldn't be difficult to write about that, because it already happened. This is an example of freewriting. It will take your mind to a different place and perhaps jog some ideas in that head of yours! If you don't want to write a journal entry, instead try just putting a pen to paper (or fingers to keys) and write WHATEVER comes to your mind. Let's say you choose to write about a monkey, don't over think about what to write about the monkey, JUST WRITE. The monkey swung from the trees, grasping the branches as he swung from limb to limb, high over the jungle floor.

Step 5

If none of these tips help, perhaps try just asking a friend to come up with a random idea, or ask people online. I'm sure people would be more than willing to put their brain with yours and get those creative juices flowing. Other writer's may have their own ideas for how to cure writer's block, and they could be anxious to share them with you! Writer's should always communicate and keep in contact with other writers, because we all need help or guidance sometimes!
Overcoming writer's block should not be torturous. Don't strain yourself. It's just a matter of relaxing and thinking outside of the box. Simply glance around the room and find a word on a poster, book, or soda can, and just start thinking about that word. Be sure to write whatver comes to mind, even if it's complete nonsense. It will come to you at some point; you may just have to take a break from writing at all. Start carrying around a small notepad or use your phone to write down anything that comes to your mind throughout the day. This will help you extremely in the long run. I use this tactic to think of article ideas! :P Good luck with youre writing endeavors!

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