The Most Effective Weight Free Workouts

When people think of exercise, they either imagine people lifting heavy barbells over their chest, or running on a treadmill at full speed for hours. However, it should be noted that they are a ton of weight free workouts that will produce great results without the use of anything other than your own body. Some people may not be able to afford a gym membership, be limited in regards to time, or may just want to try something new; regardless of the situation, weight free workouts can be used by anybody, anywhere, and at any time. That is in essence the beauty of this type of workout; it offers you the same flexibility that owning your own business would. There are only a few main muscle groups in the body that can be exercised; this article provides you with various exercises that will allow you to utilize all of those muscles, which will essentially create the most effective weight free workout that was ever in existence.

Workout 1 Of The Weight Free Workouts-Wide Grip And Close Grip Push ups

This combination will allow you to exercise your chest and shoulders. Some people say this combination is deadly because they are both push movements that are linked together which will be quite difficult; however a difficult exercise allows for greater muscle breakdown, which ultimately results in more muscle growth. This should be the first of the weight free workouts because it exercises two main and large muscle groups that are also slightly used in other upcoming workouts; this allows for the majority of exercise to be done to them at the beginning for the best results. The wide grip pushups mainly work out your shoulder muscles; whereas, the narrow grip push ups concentrate on your chest muscles. These exercises are essential in any of the weight free workouts that are available because they work the core muscles that need to be strong for success in any of the other upcoming exercises.

Workout 2 Of The Weight Free Workouts-Lunges And Chin ups

This combination of exercises will be a lot easier than the last because the two muscle groups are not interrelated and used with each other; this is also beneficial in any of the weight free workouts because it uses one large muscle group, and one small muscle group. The lunges work out your legs, and the chin ups work out your biceps. The lunges can basically be done on any ground that there is enough room to perform them, and the chin ups can be done off of anything that allows you to hang from it. Some common places to perform chin ups are a tree branch, and a door frame. These two muscle groups are necessary to work out because they will provide blood flow throughout the body to the other muscle groups so that growth can occur; moreover, they have an important place in any of the weight free workouts that you may read up on.

Workout 3 Of The Weight Free Workouts-Dips And Pull ups

This combination of exercises works out your triceps and back muscles; moreover, this is also a great combination in weight free workouts because it allows for one push, and one pull movement. It is this balance that will allow you to achieve the best results in terms of muscle growth, metabolic raise, and fat loss! Dips can be performed on many common household items such as a bench or couch, and pull ups can be performed on other common household items such as a tree branch or door frame. In addition to the push and pull movement difference, this specific workout of the weight free workouts allows the exercising of one large and one small muscle group, which is one of the best combinations in terms of muscle growth success.

Workout 4 Of The Weight Free Workouts-Sit ups, Leg Raises, And The Bicycle.

The last session of the weight free workouts involves exercising your abdominal muscles in every way that they can be exercised; this will lead to you having a six pack with enough effort put into it! The sit ups allow your upper abdomen muscles to be worked, the leg raises allow your lower abdomen muscles to be worked, and the bicycle allows your oblique muscles to be worked. Many people find this to be the best session in terms of the final session in weight free workouts because it is sort of a "cool down" from the regular intense workouts. Since your abdomen muscles are so small in comparison to the other ones in your body, this session may feel like a breeze to you!

Weight free workouts can be beneficial to so many people in so many different ways! One would think that there is usually a co to every pro; however, with weight free workouts you can easily achieve the same results as you would from lifting barbells at the gym, but in the comfort of your own home, and without costing you a single penny of your hard earned money. The only catch to this is that you must have the willpower, knowledge, training, and discretion to properly participate in weight free workouts. However, after reading this article, I am pretty sure that you have a grasp of those areas. Utilize these tips properly and watch your muscles grow before your eyes, without using any weights!