You know that there are rich people out there. You know the type, the kind that relax on a beach that has sunshine 24 hours a day and they have a personal butler to bring them everything. Of course at night they dine in a private room on pure gold and silver. Yeah, those grossly rich people. Maybe you cannot afford to follow in their footsteps, but you can at least read about how the other side eats.

The following are some of the most expensive ways and foods to dine on around the world. Whether it is suspended 50 feet in the air or dining on a cake that is literally made out of gold. Even these eats are a sometimes food for the rich to splurge on.

dinner in the sky

Dinner in the Sky

Locations Vary

First on our list is Dinner in the Sky, it is where 22 dining guests and 3 wait staff are suspended 50 feet in the sky where they enjoy a dinner made from the finest ingredients and served with the best wine. Chefs for dinner in the sky can vary, and if you have the money you can even request one in particular.

However, any poor schmuck with a crane and some cable could recreate this dining experience. What makes it so special is that the Dinner in the Sky crane can move your meal to any special location. They can serve you overlooking the Statue of Liberty, above a beautiful beach, or any other marvelous site you request. The people at Dinner in the Sky will ship their crane and their table anywhere around the world for you. Not only can you pick the site, but you can have a separate platform raised beside you where you can put a band, a piano player, a string quartet, or whatever strikes your fancy. They will even arrange to have a fireworks display shot off during dinner. All of this luxury starting at only a measly $25,000. Of course the price does go up per location, dinner entertainment, meals, and chefs.

sultans cake

Sultan's Cake

Tuara's in Istanbul, Turkey

The Sultan's Cake is served at the Tuara's restaurant inside the Ciragan Palace in Istanbul, Turkey. The Ciragan Palace used to house the sultan's of Turkey during the times of the Ottoman Empire. So thus, Tuara's goal is to make you feel like you are eating like a sultan during your wanderings about the palace. Their prize of decadence is there $1000 dollar gold plated Sultan's cake. It is a dessert that takes around 72 hours to prepare, it is made from figs, quince, and apricots that have been soaked for 2 years in a fine Jamaican rum. The cake is topped with caramel, black truffles, and of course 24 karat gold leaf.

This is a cake that literally looks like a edible gold brick when they bring it out to you. Of course, since the gold leaf is so thin, you are expected to eat it. It really is the pinnacle of decadence, eating all that gold. It is truly an experience for those that want to dine like a sultan in the home of their defunct empire.

bellissima pizza

Bellissima Pizza

Nino's Pizza in New Yourk City, USA

Just a few blocks from the United Nations building, there is a rich little pizza joint called Nino's Pizza.  Nino's is not just any pizza joint, the owner Nino Selimaj has dedicated his life to taking this simple staple food and making it just absolutely decadent. There are a lot of great pizzas at Nino's, however there is none more expensive than his $1000 dollar Bellissima pizza.

What makes the Bellissima pizza so expensive? Well this is not just your average pepperoni pizza you are dealing with. The Bellissima pizza uses a sauce of creme fraiche on its pizza crust. These are just the ordinary ingredients, where it really gets crazy is when they add not one, not two, but four different kinds of high grade caviar.

On top of the caviar, they place thin slices of Maine Lobster tail meat, considered the finest meat off the lobster. This goes for $50 dollars a pound. The pizza is not done yet, though. They top the pizza with salmon roe and dabs of wasabi for a flavor explosion. This costs the owner roughly around $750 dollars to have all the ingredients bought in and he sells roughly seven of these decadent pizzas a year. If you have a taste for caviar, then this pizza is a lot like dying and going to heaven.

fluer burger 5000

Fleur Burger 5000

Fleur de Lys in Las Vegas, USA

Maybe cake or pizza are not your thing. Perhaps you think food that is only a measly $1000 dollar is chump change compared to your extensive fortune. Why not head down to Fluer de Lys restaurant in Las Vegas for the Fleur Burger 5000. This burger gets its name for its whopping price tag of $5000 dollars. Chef Hubert Keller created this burger not for the luxuriously rich but for the high rollers who prowl around Las Vegas and want to spend their newly won cash on something just purely over the top.

So what could you possibly do to a burger to make it worth $5000 dollars? Well the burger itself is made from a thick patty of expensive and delicious Kobe beef. Renowned worldwide for the intense marbling in the beef that give it an amazing flavor. It is cooked to a perfect medium rare, placed on a brioche bun and topped with sautéed foie gras. It is then slathered with a decadent black truffle sauce and topped with thin slices of said black truffles.

However, is all that worth the $5000 dollar price tag? No. What really makes this burger so pricey is the fact that it comes with its own beverage. The burger comes with an incredibly rare 1995 Chateau Petrus from Bordeaux. If you know anything about beef, that is a wine that pairs incredibly well with a burger.

This burger is such an expenditure that you get a certificate personalize to your name with the number of burger that you ate. You also get to keep the Ichendorf Brunello stemware that you used during the meal.