While we are all well aware that London is generally a very expensive place to live some areas really push the boundaries of expense to new levels. If you’re planning to move to London, have just won the lottery, and fancy indulging yourself in some of the most overpriced property in the UK then you’ve come to the right place as we take a look at the most expensive places to live in London.


Still consider the crème de la crème of property locations in London Mayfair still manages to attract an average house price of over 2.5 million! While there are plenty of “options” around the million mark properties go as high as 20 million on this most luxurious London area. With the Ritz, Green Park and Kensington gardens on the doorstep this remains one of the destinations for the fabulously rich and disgustingly wealthy. If you want to be at the pinnacle of London’s elite this is the place to be with gentleman’s clubs and world class dining on your doorstep.


With average house prices of over 1,700,000 Kensington is one of the most incredibly expensive places in London and an area reserved for the incredibly rich. The streets are lined with multi-million pound houses and play home to a huge spread of the rich; from the oligarchs to the entrepreneurs. House prices reach highs of over 8million in this area and with a central location surrounded by some of the richest shopping areas and most impressive London areas! London Rentals are also at their most expensive here running into several thousands of pounds a week!


While average property prices are actually a little lower than our other contenders on our list Knightsbridge is home to one particular attraction that has been pushing up prices in the area dramatically. Average house prices are well over a million but the development of flats known as One Hyde Park contains the most expensive flats in the world bar none. A penthouse flat here sold for 140million last year and broke the world record for most luxurious flat. The average costs of flats in the building is 6 million but lots go for 30 million plus with over 45 transactions last year alone. If you want absolute decadence this is the address for you!


Despite the rather ridiculous reputation Chelsea has gained from the recent “Made in Chelsea” TV travesty this remains one of the most expensive areas in London. Average house prices are over 1.3 million and the area is well known as a playground for the footballers and celebrities of the day. It’s a trendier address than many other on the list but it’s still got everything you’d want if you were completely loaded!

Notting Hill

The film Notting Hill gave this area something of a reputation and washed away some of the multi-cultural paradise that this area should really be known for. But with house prices averaging over 1.15 million its unsurprising that this is a luxury area for the rich and famous. It tend to attract the artistic communities don’t you know and is a haven for boutique shops and “alternative” shops et al.