If there is one truth that no one can deny, it is that the internet loves cats and everything related to them. Yes, other animals have their internet moments as well, but when you talk about animal memes, cats are surely at the top of the list. Even people who have said that they don’t like cats are pretty much melted and warmed by the cuteness of the Grumpy Cat and her other widely famous feline friends.

Even though there is a long list of internet cats to name here, the ones mentioned below are some of the most popular and extremely loved all around the world.

Grumpy Cat

One cat that is surely not happy with its life is Grumpy Cat. The picture of this cat, which is called Tardar Sauce in real life, was uploaded by the owner’s brother Brian Bundesen and was instantly able to attract attention. The cat is now a full-fledged IRL celebrity who has her own line of cold coffee, travels around in a limo and does the stuff that you could only dream of doing. This very adorable cat reminds us that it’s okay to be a little ‘grumpy’.


Another very popular Scottish Fold cat on the internet is Maru, a box addict who lives in Japan with his owner. Maru has his own Vlog where there are around 256 videos of his work. With his rise in popularity, these videos have been viewed more than 200m times on YouTube alone. Fans of this particular cat love his “jumping into boxes” and “getting into a kitchen drawer then getting back out,” videos the best. As a result of his popularity and love for squeezing himself in the tiniest cardboard boxes, Maru has starred in Japanese commercials since 2007.

Colonel Meow

Following the footsteps of Grumpy Cat was Colonel Meow, a Himalayan Persian that has an incredibly fluffy coat and an angry facial expression that could bend you to do his command at any time. The description on Colonel Meow’s Twitter page is: “I’m a grumpy, fluffy cat that wants to rule the world. I like treaties. I have a golden retriever named Boots who is my #1 Minion. Suck it.” This description of Colonel Meow more or less sums it up and his popularity is obvious when you note that he presently has more than 155,000 fans on Facebook.

Nyan Cat

Finally, even though the list of internet cats is immensely long, one cat that cannot be ignored is the Nyan Cat, which was the first internet cat to really turn its fame into cash. This cat has an iPhone game, a pop up shop in New York, a clothing line and a line of the cutest cuddly toys. However, one thing that you should know is that Nyan isn’t really a cat but a cat faced, pop-tart bodied Gif that moves around space trailing a rainbow behind her and repeating “nyan” which is Japanese for Meow.

Do you have a cat that has a particularly unique and interesting face or that does things that could make it one of the most popular internet cats? Then post a picture or video of it and watch how the internet begins to gush and swoon over it.