Are you someone who is a cinematic thrill seeker? Do you like to pursue the adventure of finding the most disturbing, most horrific, most disgusting movie imaginable? Maybe you have seen some classic gore films such as Nightmare on Elms Street, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or Friday the 13th.Well push those films aside because StreamlineInfo has found what we believe to be the Most Horrifying Movie of All Time!

A Serbian Film (StreamlineInfo review)

A Serbian Film, directed by Srdjan Spasojevic, has all the ingredients of a sick, psychotic, disgusting film, with a little more! You will find it difficult to comfortably relax in your chair while you sit through the rape, torture, murder, bloody oral sex and pedophilia. Surprisingly, even with all the graphic violence, this film was able to portray a very strong, emotional story that was shot with amazing cinematography. Some people question the reasoning behind creating a disgusting film. The directors intent was to create a legitimately dramatic story that can co-exist with graphic visuals and ideas. Mainly to make the viewer ask, what TRULY is art?

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Milos was a former porn star who did everything he could to migrate away from that lifestyle and be a simple father.  Because of these choices, Milos was having financial difficulty. Because his ability to perform sex was better than anyone else in Serbia, Milos was approached by underground porn director named Vukmir. This elusive director was very interested in having Milos be apart of his “masterpiece”. Vukmir refuses to tell Milos what kind of a porn movie he’s making. He believes that if the film is kept secret then the acting will be authentic. Milos is skeptical but the money he is offered is too good to deny. This sparks the beginning of what StreamlineInfo dubs, the Most Horrifying Movie of All Time!

StreamlineInfo Rating

4/5 Rating

We rated this movie 4 out of 5 stars strictly because this film, although difficult to watch, pulled off some amazing cinematography and storytelling that makes all the gore a little more bearable.


All jokes aside, this film is EXTREMELY graphic and should not be viewed by children or young adults. This film contains many controversial scenes which are very unpleasant to watch. View this movie at your own risk! This film makes The Human Centipede look like Dora the Explorer.   

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