Indian Weddings


What’s the one most important thing that every bride wants to hear on her wedding day?

 Just to give you a clue; it isn’t when the Groom tells her: ‘I do’; nor when she hears: ‘You look so beautiful in that dress’ for the millionth time from a well-wishing guest. Nope. The best compliment to give a bride on her special day is to say: ‘This is the most spectacular wedding that I have EVER been invited to’.

A wedding is essentially the most expensive, most lavish, most self-indulgent party that you will ever throw, and naturally, you want to make it a great day to remember. Planning a great wedding isn’t just about creating a wonderful day for you and your partner, but is also a special gift to your friends and family, who will be talking about this day and enjoying the memories for years to come.

Planning a wedding is a notoriously time-consuming affair, and it can be tricky knowing where to start, what to remember and how to go about it. As a professional Wedding Decorator and Interior Designer, my advice would be to start with one particular aesthetic aspect and build everything from there. Take the wedding stage or Mandap as an example; the stage is the centrepiece for any wedding; it is here that the Bride and Groom will stand and take their vows, listen to guests make heartfelt speeches, and watch professional performers as they entertain and amaze your party. The stage will most likely set the scene for your wedding theme and decorations.

The stage is going to be the ultimate talking point; the decorative embellishment which really gives the ‘wow’ factor. So what should you be looking for? Take a quick look through some Bridal Magazines for a little inspiration; what colours, fabrics, concepts and styles most appeal to you? Think about the sort of dress that you would like, and how this can be enhanced or lost when set against different backdrops. If you are keen to proceed with a particularly ornate, high-end ‘look’, then the stage is absolutely the best starting point. With just a little specialist lighting, some carefully-chosen, artfully-placed sections of fabric, and an eye for detail you can make even the most plain of venues look breath-taking.

Remember when some bright spark first had the idea to use ice sculptures at a wedding? That made an otherwise unremarkable event especially magnificent, as guests were amazed and astounded by the beauty to be found in such a simple material. Here at Weddings by Farah, we aim to do exactly the same; there are ways to maximise the beauty of any setting or location, and we are experts at working with your preferred themes to bring out the very best in your venue and to coax a smile from your guests!

By employing the use of traditional Indian fabrics; brightly-coloured, flowing fabric; striking, sparkling beading; crystallised adornment and eye-catching furniture, we can conjure up an elegant event, New Year’s Eve celebration, or the magic of a traditional Indian Mehndi.