ZeitgeistEverybody has one time in their life been influenced by a film or movie they had seen. In my life time I have come across a documentary film that has surpassed anything else I have ever seen in regards to intellectual value and enlightening statements. This documentary film directed by Peter Joseph is called Zeitgeist: Moving Forward. StreamlineInfo wants to give a concise review on this documentary film.

Zeitgeist: Moving Foward is divided into three sections. The first section outlines human nature and what it actually means. Most people traditionally think that human nature is a predetermined behavioral set pattern that is incapable of being escaped; therefore, we are all tangled and locked into a certain pattern of human nature. The film which is full of very intellectual, notable psychologists and sociologists argue that human nature is only true in relation to human needs and that almost all behavior is environmentally determined. This simply means that your culture dominates your values hence the behavioral patterns that you have.

The second part of the film outlines the monetary structural paradigm that we all live in today. They emphasize that we live in a system that throughout time has accrued debt all over the world and people are suffering because of this concoction that humans have created over time. Along with those social issues humans continuously consume finite resources in the name of profit and the global market economy. This is coined as “cyclical consumption” which simply means we have to keep consuming products in order for the economy to function, regardless of the environment. This type of social structure is inherently detrimental to human life and the environment. If we continue the path the monetary paradigm has laid out for us then humans will cease to exist.

The third section of the documentary film outlines a plausible solution to the majority of humanities problems such as war, starvation, deprivation, and many other social issues common to all people. Along with this solution comes an enlightenment that has altered the way I see the world operate. We do not want to reveal their proposed solution. But we guarantee it is one of the most logical approaches to humanity ever set forth before. This is a free documentary film for everyone to see online. We will provide you with a link to the documentary film down below.

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