The best way to give your business a huge boost is through magnetic signs advertising, which are nowadays being used by many companies for advertising and promotions. There are various ways for advertising, but vehicle magnets are considered to be appealing and quite effective for increasing viewers for the ad and the product.

Cheaper car magnets can be found anywhere and they last well, provided one keeps good care of them. By taking proper precautions and care, one can boost their life to last for more than a few years. You might apply those signs and forget about it but one should know about the right method of application and then maintaining them. 

car magnets

Before Applying the Car Decals

  • Before applying the car sign, clean surface where it is going to be applied and then dry it with a soft cloth. This gives better grip and better contact with high-speed air, especially while you travel.

  • Due to cold, vehicle signs might become stiff and would loosen grip capacity, hence post the same on the flattest surface of the vehicle on one of the corners.

  • decals signs resting on smooth surfaces ensure better magnetic grip capacity. Never try to pull it or even stretch it if it is applied other than where you intended to place it. If you do so, the edges might get peeled or damaged.

  • Before you think of a spot to apply the decals, make sure that the spot is clean with absolutely no edges or rust spots, else the magnets would get peeled off. Bad surfaces interfere with the magnetic grip and damage the nature as well as the resistance of the decals.

  • Do not bend or remove the decals as it breaks the print and even results in creases in the corners.

 For boosting durability and longer life of vehicle magnets:

  • Don’t put vehicle signs facing the sunlight or it might result in fading.

  • Clean the decals with soft cloth or paper towels and you can even wash it with detergent to remove the smudges and stains.

  • Keep sign completely dry, before re-attaching them with the surface.

  • If not in use, always keep vehicle signs at a clean place, which is dry and away from sunlight.

  • Keep decals separate from each other and better to stick on any flat surface including a wooden board or a shelf.

  • Use iron-based surfaces, but keep away from other metals including copper, silver and others.

  • No need to wax signs for long life

  • Attach your decals and affix one corner of the sign first, then allow the pull to attach the rest of the signs.

  • Be sure the entire sign is placed flat with no air pockets in between the surface.

  • Remove the sign and reattach if not placed properly.

  • Make sure the car decals signs are firmly affixed or else fix it firmly to the vehicle. The speed might cause the decals to detach from the surface during the drive.

 Removing, Cleaning and Storing vehicle Magnets

  • When removing car sign, never bend or crease the corners or else it would be damaged permanently.

  • Remove your signs on a periodic basis to check that they are well fastened and clean them if necessary or even wash them.

  • Avoid applying auto signs to horizontal metal surfaces including car hoods. The metal surfaces tend to get rusted and in turn might even ruin the decals.

  • Clean the decals from the bottom too.

  • Smudges and stains can be handled by cleaning agents like Windex. You do not need to use waxing or any other ploy to clean the decals.

  • Make sure that the signs are completely dry after cleaning.

  • Stack the sign on a flat surface since they retain their power for a better amount of time.

  • Do not store heavy objects on top of decals signs or even against them as the pressure created by the objects.

Car decals are effective advertising tools and they need to be taken care of, for optimum utility and return of investment. Their attractiveness is essential in grabbing eyeballs in the long run for any marketing campaign.