There are many people who are very influential in America and are well known for the great things that they do.  Whether it is becoming President, or working hard to raise money for a certain charity or give a very influential speech, these people are sure to be remembered in one way or another.

Alfred Hitchcock: Lived from 1899-1980 who was an influential filmmaker.  His films were so good that he kew just how to add music, sound effects and the right angle of the camera to have people in the audience jumping out of their seats, or at least sitting at the edge of their seat.

George Washington: George Washington was known as the cultivator of a nation and lived from 1732-1799.  He was a wonderful President and was admired for his hard work.  Washington was also a freemason and did things for people out of his own good heart.

Thomas Jefferson: He was a brilliant man who helped shape America into what it is today.  Thomas Jefferson was one of our founding fathers who is looked up to with great respect.

Bill Cosby: Bill Cosby who was born in 1937 is a well known American comedian, an actor and a television producer.  He was also an educator which makes him very influential.  His t.v. show was very popular back in the day and still is loved even today.

Michael Jordan: This basketball star will forever be one of the most influential people in America.  He was also a great business man and a good roll model for both kids and adults.

Oprah Winfrey: It seems as though everyone admires Oprah Winfrey.  She is a very successful and influential business woman who hosts her own t.v. show, is an actress and a producer.

Steven Spielberg: This man is well known for producing the scary films that are out.  He is a film director, a screenwriter and a producer.  Many amateur film makers get some of their great ideas from watching Steven Spilberg’s films. 

Bill Gates: Bill Gates was the co-founder of Microsoft and is known as one of the richest men in America.  

Henry Ford: This man was the maker of Ford vehicles, which are still very popular today.  The Ford Model T was released in 1908 and became very popular ever since.  Henry Ford will always remain one of the most influential men in America.

Andrew Jackson Downing: Otherwise known as A.J Downing was a very influential architect who was well known for making books of patterns he could build for suburbs in America.

Wilbur and Orville Wright: The Wright brothers were very intrigued with flying.  Many people thought they were crazy because they didn’t think such a heavy object could fly.  They were the two that proved everyone wrong and made it happen.

Steve Jobs: Steve Jobs, the owner of Apple was very influential.  He was well known for coming out with the design of the iPod, iPhone and iPad, which have become very popular devices these days.

Abraham Lincoln: This man was a well known President and very influential to many people.  He was known for speaking his words for freedom in America and won one of the worst wars in American history.  Abraham Lincoln made a great President and is named one of the most influential people in America.

Martin Luther King Jr.: Lived from 1929-1968 and was the American dreamer.  He took his dreams and made them into reality.  He spoke about freedom in America and how he felt that things should be.  Many people really admired this about Martin Luther King Jr.

Tiger Woods: Tiger Woods made the most influential people in America list because is one of the most highest paid golfers in the world and is known as one of the best.  

Martha Stewart: She is a very influential business woman as well as an excellent magazine publisher and a t.v. host.  There are many people who get great ideas from Martha Stewart for their home or life in general.  Martha Stewart even has her own magazine where she can help other women come up with great ideas for their home.

Albert Einstein: This man was a pure genius.  There was nothing that Albert Einstein didn’t know and understand.  He lived from 1879-1955 and pretty much studied through his entire lifetime. 

Louis Armstrong: This man was one of the most influential musicians of all time.  He was the king of jazz and definitely knew how to play the saxophone like nobody else.  He lived from 1901-1971 and had an extreme talent in music.  There are many different albums that have been put out by Armstrong.

Chuck Berry: Chuck Berry was a well known musician who sang, played guitar and wrote music.  Between Berry and Presley, there wasn’t much use for any other rock n’ rollers.

Bob Dylan: Bob Dylan was well known for the American folk music that he played.  This song writer and singer had so much talent which was passed onto his song, Jakob Dylan.  Jakob Dylan is a well known singer and song writer as well and plays with the band the Wallflowers.

Henry Kissinger: This man was well educated in political science.  He served as National security advisor and was the secretary of the state.  He has also won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Elvis Presley: If you have ever get the chance to visit Tennessee, seeing Elvis’ mansion in Memphis is a must.  You can find out the history of Elvis and what each of his rooms looked like in his home.  People loved Elvis as they could sing and dance along to his pop rock n’ roll music.

There are many very influential people in the world.  This is just a list of several of the people who were named as the most influential people in America.  Whether the person is a filmmaker, a musician, an athlete or a poet, there are many reasons why someone can be influential to a person.

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