There are a few popular collectables that many people collect and enjoy displaying.  Many people who collect antiques have expertise in certain categories.  They may be able to pick up an item and know the value of it without even looking in a price guide book.


Toys: Old toys from the 1960s and earlier are a great type of antique to collect.  Fisher Price, Mattel Buddy Al and other wooden and metal toys are very popular.  Wind up music boxes and metal rattles are interesting to see how toys used to be made.


Books/Postcards: Books from the 1800s and old magazines are a neat antique to look through.  Postcards are also great to collect as you can look at old postcards from different states and cities.  It is neat to see what kind of items were used in years before.


Clothing: Vintage clothing can be found hanging in antique stores.  Jerseys and old military uniforms are neat to look at and buy.  You can see what the old school logos looked like and what the proper military uniforms were like.


Furniture: Antique furniture has a high value depending on what it is.  Old rocking chairs, high chairs and wooden chests are all great pieces of furniture.  Some people enjoy purchasing old couches because they like the pattern of the fabric that was used.


Coins and Currency: Coins with silver and gold in it is a great collectable.  Over time the value of your coins will increase.  Even today old paper money has a higher value because of the rarity.


Lamps: Lamps are very interesting to display.  There are many different shapes of lamps and ones that have been painted unique designs on.  As long as the plug in cord is in tact and workable, the only thing you need to worry about is changing the lightbulb.


Jewelry: Vintage rings, watches, necklaces, and bracelets are a few pieces of jewelry that women enjoy wearing.  Some women that are handy with crafts enjoy taking off beads of certain jewelry to add it on to another piece of jewelry.


Models: Model trains and cars are both neat when they are displayed.  People love looking at how cars used to be made and explaining the detail to their children and grandchildren. 


Old Photos: Vintage photos are a very popular.  Even if you don’t know anyone in the photo it is neat to see the types of clothing that was worn and the different props that were used in the photos.


Dolls: Many people enjoy having a large collection of dolls.  Porcelain and stuffed dolls all have a different collectable value to them.


Dishes: Different types of pottery as well as blue and white dishes are very popular in antique stores.  You can use the dishes for meals or display them in your curio cabinet.


These categories of collectables and antiques are very popular.  If you are interested in collecting antiques, finding items in these categories is a great way to start.  Be sure to pick up a price guide book of the category to know how much the item is worth.