Traditions and customs play a large role in the formation of culture; moreover, these traditions must be adhered to in order for the culture and celebration to have the most effect. In regards to Jewish holidays, there are many Hanukkah traditions that most families follow. It is each individual family's choice as to which of these Hanukkah traditions they would like to follow. Some of the most modern families choose to simply celebrate the holiday, and not go about performing and adhering to any of these traditions; whereas, many of the older families choose to participate in absolutely all of the Hanukkah traditions. Is there a right way and a wrong way to go about this subject matter? The answer to this question is not really. Whichever way you choose to go about adhering to your culture is fine, as long as it satisfies your wants and needs in regards to your religion and culture. You will find the most popular Hanukkah traditions being listed, described, and explained; it is important to be well aware of these regardless of which religion or culture you come from.

Gift Giving Is The Most Popular Of The Hanukkah TraditionsSet Of 10 Judaica Chanukah LightsCredit:

Anybody that celebrates the common holiday of Christmas will understand the significant role that gift giving plays in the tradition; moreover, this is the almost equivalent of the gift giving in Hanukkah traditions. Many of the Jewish families’ family and friends will choose to give them gifts throughout this holiday. The amount of and degree of gift giving is dependent on the degree of tradition of the family itself. However, most families follow the tradition of giving a gift to each child, each night.

Lighting The ChanukiaIs One Of The Most Popular Hanukkah Traditions

Many of the cultures that celebrate Christmas use lights throughout the exterior and interSet Of 45 Blue Chanukah CandlesCredit: Amazon.comior of their house to celebrate this tradition in their culture; moreover, the lighting of the Chanukia is the equivalent to this in regards to Hanukkah traditions. In addition to providing decoration for the house itself, the Chanukia represents the lighting of the wicks that has happened in the past; therefore, it carries symbolic meaning, as well as provides aesthetic appeal to all of the individuals that may enter that house. The lighting of the menorah goes on for eight days, and it's symbolizes the miracle of the oil that lasted for eight days and not one day.

Eating A Lot Of Food Is One Of The Most Tasty Hanukkah Traditions

Almost every culture has many celebrations in which they eat, and use food in a celebratSilver Hanukkah Tree TopperCredit: Amazon.comory manner; food is greatly used in a celebratory manner during the festival of Hanukkah. If more than one family is gathering, it is one of the most popular Hanukkah traditions for every family to bring a few pieces of food to the table. This ultimately means that there'll be a lot of food for all of the families to eat. This custom is greatly based on the large miracle that took place in the holy Temple, which involved many individuals needing to the greatest extent that their stomachs could handle; this was also in celebration of the victory of the Maccabees over the Hellenistic Syrians. As you may be able to tell, the victory of the Maccabees played a great role in the Hanukkah traditions that are present in our current society.

The Dreidel Playing Is One Of The Most Fun Hanukkah Traditions

This is the most common thing for children of any age to do during this cultural celebration; it involves them playing with a small spinning top that is called the Dreidel in the Jewish culture. This Dreidel has a distinctive letter from the Hebrew language on all four of its sides; moreover, it has become one of the most popular and symbolic items within the Hanukkah traditions. This has been around for quite a while and dates back to before the celebration of Hanukkah began. There are many games that are associated with this Dreidel spinning top; some of these games have been around for hundreds of years, and other games were simply invented within the last 30 years.

There are a ton of Hanukkah traditions that you will be able to find with a quick search throughout the Internet; however, this article lists the most popular ones. These are the Hanukkah traditions that have stayed popular throw all the years, and have not died out with many of the older, less popular traditions. The reason that these Hanukkah traditions have stood strong for so many years is mainly because they are either fun, symbolic, or an aesthetically pleasing. This is not to say that any of the other traditions that are unlisted wrote this article are not fun, symbolic, or aesthetically pleasing; however, this is to say that these traditions that are listed throughout this article are the most fun, symbolic, and a aesthetically pleasing. Whether you are a Jewish individual that is looking for some clarification or simply someone that was curious about the traditions of a different culture than yours, it is absolutely important to be aware of these Hanukkah traditions, as they play a significant role in our society.