Many people know catnip as one of the best play items that a cat can enjoy during their life. This is obviously one of the most well known facts about catnip as many people will only associate the plant with cats themselves. After all, it is referred to as catnip for a very specific reason, and it is very factual to say that the cat's enjoyment of the plant is the main reason why it is so popular today throughout the world. But little do the majority of the populace know, being pleasing to a cat is definitely not the only reason why catnip remains a popular plant in this day and age. If you continue reading, I will list many of the additional reasons why people purchase catnip, in addition to explaining why its relationship with cats is such a prominent feature of the plant.

It should go without saying that cats love catnip and this is definitely the most popular method of using the catnip plant. Despite the fact that cats are immediately attracted to the plant much more so than humans, humans can definitely still benefit from the positive benefits that are associated with it. One of the most helpful things that catnip can do for a human is to repel annoying insects during hot day where they normally flock. This is a very little known fact about the catnip plant, but catnip oil can be made from it and his around 10 times more affective for bug repellent than the standard bug repellent switch are marketed as being the best.

By simply spraying catnip oil on your skin and your clothes, you will put forth an invisible shield which will be in place to protect you from annoying mosquitoes which seek out your skin and attempt to suck your blood like vampires. It is highly effective and due to the fact that it is made from a natural plant, it is without the harmful chemicals which might spring up inside the toxin filled bug repellents in local stores.

In addition to being an excellent mosquito repellent, they can also be boiled in pans of hot water in order to make tea. The tea tastes very good and has a hint of mint flavor within it, but the main reasons people make it are for its medicinal properties. The tea is said to relieve the person who drinks it from certain digestive problems, such as gas and stomach cramps. These unfortunate problems afflict many people throughout the world, making catnip something that many people should research thoroughly and perhaps look into using for health purposes.

While using it to cure you from certain unfortunate health problems is very popular, it is not the only method of use. Many people will throw the wrong leaves into their salads as a means to increase the taste, as well as using the catnip to act as a stimulant, of actively relaxing their muscles. This is a very helpful thing as catnip is so cheap and purchasing muscle relaxants in pill form is very expensive, with or without health insurance.