There is no better way to accentuate your yard than by using garden lights to do so. They can highlight the high points while conveniently avoiding the not so flattering aspects such as dead bushes. In this article we'll explore some of the better and more popular uses of this form of garden lighting, and we'll leave you with more ideas to implement on your own. By the time we're done you'll hardly be able to contain yourself with all the creativity that will be brimming out of your artistic head.

First let's just go over the different types of garden lights that are out there today. There has been a real explosion of different products over the last five or ten years, so it's helpful to touch up on all of them.

Up lights are pointed in, of all directions, upwards so that you can shine the light on tall trees. This is great if you have one or two oaks in your front yard that you are very proud of. Just be careful not to point it so that it goes into your neighbor's house. This is a precaution that you always have to keep in mind. In fact, it may be helpful to let your neighbor know what you're going with your garden lighting so that they are "on board" and don't throw a fit.

Down lights are aimed downward from above. These can highlight flower beds or little trees and bushes. I like to perch them in the crook of a branch. This is a much more natural way to go.

Then you've got your flood lights, which will disperse their illumination over a wider array of plants and landscaping. These take a really good eye to implement. Because they can cover more ground, more things can go wrong or out of place. That's why it's always important to test your garden lights over a period of at least a few nights to see if they are still giving the look that you want.

Finally, you may want to think about implementing solar garden lights. They do not require an external source of energy or electricity because the daylight sun feeds them all they need. These are very "green". In a funny twist of fate, they transform the sun's energy into light at night, much like the moon. Just beware of buying ones that are very cheap because you will get what you pay for.