Travel to England and you will become engrossed by the remarkable number of eminent royal landmarks open to visitors. Discover some of the most enchanting castles in Europe on a UK tour.

Windsor Castle is an attraction that possesses architectural grandeur as well as an extremely intriguing royal past, and so should be experienced on an England tour. St George’s Chapel is a ‘Royal Peculiar’ and holds its own idiosyncratic atmosphere. It functions as the burial place for a total of ten eminent monarchs, including Queen Jane Seymour, Henry VIII, and Charles I. It also holds renown as the sacred home of the Order of the Garter. Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House is perhaps one of the most enthralling highlights of Windsor Castle. This is the most distinguished doll’s house on the planet, after all. It was fashioned with such strict attentiveness and precision that it has running hot and cold water and even its lavatories flush.

Explore Leeds Castle and understand why this fortress was so venerated by Henry VIII, as well as other illustrious past sovereigns. Henry VIII, perhaps the most brazen of all the castle’s royal owners, was responsible for much of Leeds Castle’s luxury. He spent an inordinate amount in order to renovate the castle from a somewhat basic fortress into a truly extravagant royal palace. An exploration of Leeds Castle is sure to make for an exceptionally enchanting experience.

Warwick Castle’s State Rooms have been constantly decked out by consecutive monarchs since the 14th century. George IV was largely famed for having accoutered the State Rooms with some especially exquisite artworks.

Become spellbound by the elaborate and lavish furnishings of the rooms. It is not possible to overvalue the consequence of the Great Hall to history; it is the largest room in the castle.

Of course, one of the most prominent of all royal structures in the UK is none other than the Tower of London, a vital site to visit on a tour in England. You will be completely spellbound by the incomparable Crown Jewels. The Jewels are continually kept under armed guard in the Jewel House. Yet they are also held in the most visible vault on the globe.

The Maundy Dish and Imperial State Crown are still crucial to annual regal rituals. Every jewel comes with its own extraordinary royal past. You are sure to be astonished by the magnificence and glory of the 23,578 gems that make up the Crown Jewels.

You truly must spend some time delving into the royal past behind at least a few of the most illustrious and remarkable landmarks in the UK on any England vacation. The Tower of London is an obvious choice for many, yet Windsor, Leeds and Warwick Castle are all equally appealing. Take a tour to the UK and explore these entrancing places.