When people think of girls’ motorcycle helmets, they automatically imagine pink and purple helmets with sparkles all over them. However, the truth of the matter is that most motorcycle helmets for girls look very similar to the men’s helmets! Most of the differences are very subtle.

The primary concern of any motorcycle gear should be to protect you and your body parts. Whether you are buying a mesh motorcycle jacket, leather motorcycle gloves, Kevlar motorcycle boots, or a motorcycle helmet, you should always consider the safety that they will offer you. However, companies know that riding a motorcycle is all about looking good! With that being said, stylish motorcycle helmets sell much faster than plain-looking ones!

Feminine Motorcycle Helmets That You Should Buy TODAY

I have ridden a motorcycle for over 5 years, so I am pretty keen on the features that helmets should have. I have ridden everything from a 600cc Honda CBR to a 1400cc Harley Davidson StreetGlider. These are the best motorcycle helmets for girls because they are stylish, comfortable, and will protect you in the unfortunate event of a crash!

Full Face Helmets

-Scorpion EXO Lilly

-AFX FX-90 Passion

-Speed and Strength SS1000 Little Miss Dangerous

-Vega Attitude Techno

Open-Face Helmets

-Bell Custom 500

-Nolan N43 Trilogy

-Rockhard American Classic


-Scorpion EXO 100 Solid

-Bell Pit Boss

-Skid Lid Original Solid

Flip Up (Modular) Helmets

-Shoei Neotec

-Bell Revolver Evo

-Suomy D20

I will be honest with you and tell you that I have not tried on all of these helmets; however, I have worn a ton of motorcycle gear, and I know what to look for. Each of these motorcycle helmets for girls are produced by reputable brands, are equipped with the proper vents, and are DOT approved. To top it off, they are among the coolest motorcycle helmets on the market!

The Majority Of Girls Can Be Seen Wearing Full Face Helmets While Riding A Motorcycle

I am not sure why this is; however, the truth of the matter is that the majority of female bike riders can be seen wearing full face helmets! Even taking a look at the selection of helmets for women will allow you to see that about 80% of them are full-face models!

With that being said, full face helmets are much safer than their modular, open-face, and half helmets!

Bell “Arrow Zipped” Model-Best Women’s Motorcycle Helmet For Under $100

I would really recommend this helmet because it offers comfort, style, and protection! Bell has been producing the best bicycle and motorcycle helmets for years, and the Arrow Zipped model is no exception! This motorcycle helmet features a unique pink and black swirl pattern on the side, and a cool graphic of a half-zipped zipper! The fact that it is pink allows people to automatically know that it is a motorcycle helmet for women!

Motorcycle gear can be quite expensive; some Arai helmets sell for more than $600. However, Bell has managed to offer their Arrow Zipped helmet for under $100!

This lightweight helmet has a lightweight polycarbonate shell that will protect your head, and a flip down shield that will protect your eyes from the wind and sun. To top it off, this girl’s motorcycle helmet comes with a 5 year warranty that will protect you from defects!

Style Matters, But Make Sure That Your Helmet Is DOT Approved-Safety First

Riding on a motorcycle is all about looking cool! Whether you are on a 750cc sports bike, 1000cc touring motorcycle, or 1400cc chopper, riding is about feeling free and looking cool! With that being said, many people end up buying their motorcycle helmets based on how they look. I am not saying that looks should not play a role in your helmet choice; however, I am saying that you should really take a look at the comfort and safety features of the helmet!

The main thing that you should look for is whether or not the helmet has been DOT approved! A non-DOT approved helmet can still protect you in the event of a motorcycle crash; however, there is no guarantee that it will! The majority of the helmets that you find in the booths at motorcycle shows will be DOT approved. I would simply take a look on the back of the helmet for the DOT sign to be safe!

Choosing a motorcycle helmet to wear can be a daunting task; there are many things to keep in mind, and so many helmets to choose from. The only salvation to this task is that you will be wearing the helmet for at least 4-5 years! These are not the only helmets that you should consider buying, but they are definitely the best options! Choose any of the stylish girls’ motorcycle helmets that are listed throughout this article and you will surely be comfortable and protected!