There are many different kinds of laptop bags for sale out there for both men and women, and some of the most popular types are the notebook totes and messengers with very stylish designs. Unless you are needing a casual or contemporary briefcase design for business use, it makes sense that you would want a fashionable or cool notebook carrier. The main purpose of any stylish laptop bags should still be to carry your notebook comfortably and safely, but why not buy one that has a little spunk to it and stands out from the common dull solid colored messengers? Let's take a look at the best models available in 2012 for women and men and after seeing all of these unique and attractive notebook carriers and totes, you will understand why they are so popular.

Top 3 Stylish Laptop Bags for Women - 2012


Mobile Edge 16" Eco-Friendly Casual Laptop BagsCredit:

Mobile Edge 16" Eco-Friendly Casual Notebook Tote

Average Price: $80

Mobile Edge is one of the top-rated brands when it comes to portable computer carriers and they have a huge selection some of the most stylish laptop bags for women. This tote is perfect for those of you who are earth-conscious as they are constructed from all natural Eco-friendly cotton canvas. They come in several color options and are able to fit most 16" PC and 17" MacBooks. This Mobile Edge tote also comes with a few cool features such as a removable computer section, large, easy-access outside pockets, a detachable cell phone pocket, a hide-away water bottle pocket and extra-wide shoulder straps for superior comfort. These laptop bags also come with a lifetime warranty and only weigh about 2.75 pounds.

Tote Couture Pleated Laptop BagsCredit:

Tote Couture Pleated Notebook Carrier

Average Price: $50

Here is a rather affordable tote that many women may enjoy, not only for their stylish designs but also for the list of features. Constructed from a durable coated canvas material, these cheap laptop bags can be found in a couple different colors and they each weigh about 3 pounds with internal dimensions of 11 x 15.25 x 1.75 inches. The Tote Couture Pleated Notebook Carrier is designed to slide over rolling luggage handle with a 14" handle drop. They are made with a long list of awesome features such as a padded computer compartment with secure velcro closure, metal feet which are designed to help protect the bottom of the tote, attractive faux leather accents and contrasting interior lining. There are also plenty of practical features that are ideal for laptop bags including a key fob, multiple interior pockets, a cell phone pouch, a pleated front pocket with zipper closure and even a business card holder.

Nuo Canvas 17" Messenger Laptop BagsCredit:

Nuo Canvas 17" Messenger Handbag

Average Price: $70

Even for being one of the most stylish 17" laptop bags for women, they are actually lighter in weight than the previous notebook carriers which are smaller in size, at only about 1.8 pounds. One thing the Nuo Canvas Messenger has in common with the Mobile Edge Tote is that it is also made from Eco-friendly canvas materials. Some of the best features about this 17" messenger handbag are the multitude of accessory pockets, a large front storage pocket, side pockets for extra storage of smaller items such as keys or gum, and a separate padded computer bay, giving these laptop bags an added security measure.

Top 3 Stylish Laptop Bags for Men - 2012


OXIO Freedomer Messenger Laptop BagsCredit:

OXIO Freedomer Messenger

Average Price: $100

The OXIO Freedomer is a great option for guys because they are not only fashionable buy also sort of masculine with the color options that are available and the general shape and size of the messenger itself. These 17" stylish laptop bags for men have a massive front pocket with an easy snap push button allowing you to store all kinds of things from extra cords and wires, to CDs or DVDs. The main body fabric is treated with a nylon water repellent back coating which will keep the messenger from sustaining any significant water damage and prevent quite a bit from entering into it, especially with the secure top load zipper opening. The OXIO Freedomer messenger weighs about 2.5 pounds and also comes with a large zipper back compartment and secondary push button outside pocket, an inner coin pouch and two side pockets for your cell phone or MP3 player.

GreenSmart Baringo Messenger Laptop BagsCredit:

GreenSmart Baringo Messenger

Average Price: $100

For those of you who are earth-conscious and would like a stylish laptop bag that is Eco-friendly, this is an excellent option for you due to the fact that each messenger is made using 31 recycled plastic bottles. In addition to the amazing "green" construction, the Baringo Messenger also can be found for sale in several different color combinations, and have tons of features including side pouches on both ends, a separate handle for easier portability, organization and stash pockets on the flap, a hands-free magnetic closure, and a full-width back stash pocket with magnetic closure. These laptop bags for men only weigh 1.8 pounds and are able to fit notebook computers up to 15.6" in size with their roomy, padded interior bay.


Boblbee Tokyo 17" Messenger Laptop BagsCredit:

Boblbee Tokyo 17" Messenger

Average Price: $120

One of the best aspects of the Boblbee Tokyo Messenger other than its fashionable urban-design is the fact that it is constructed from a durable waterproof rubberized tarp canvas. This allows you to safely carry your notebook computer with you anywhere, even in the rain, without worrying about water damage to either the laptop bags themselves or the PC inside. The large cargo bay is capable of fitting not only a 17" notebook but also cables, gear and all sorts of other things you may want to carry with you like drinks or snacks. These stylish laptop bags for men come with a 5-year warranty which is quite generous and a few other nice features including an adjustable and wide shoulder strap and a top compartment for additional storage options.

As you can see, there is no shortage of notebook computer carriers, messengers and totes that are not just attractive and fashionable in design, but are also packed with plenty of great features and add-ons. After browsing over these reviews of the most stylish laptop bags for women and men, is it any surprise why they are so popular?