World Wrestling Entertainment, ran by the McMahon family, has become the powerhouse of sports entertainment. Fans have their favorite good and bad guys they love to see. On the weekly episodic shows, Raw and Smackdown, fans will also see main stars such as : John Cena, Randy Orton, and Roman Reigns. These guys are talented, but they are many other talented stars that are being overlooked by the company.

Here To Show The WorldDolph ZigglerCredit: Google

When Dolph Ziggler defeated Alberto Del Rio and became the world champion, the fans blew the roof off of the arena. Everyone thought this was finally his big break and he would become a top star. Unfortunately this was not the case, the title was taken away from him and he drifted back down the ladder. Ziggler's ring performance is the reason fans love him, he is very exciting to watch. Due to the fact that he is a small guy, the creative team and the McMahons do not see him as someone that can sell out arenas. Dolph still appears on television but he is usually used to make other stars look good.

S.O.SKofi KingstonCredit: Google

The Jamaican life saver, Kofi Kingston, lights up the stage with colorful fireworks when he makes his way to the ring. He was an Intercontinental, Tag Team, and United States Champion. At one point he was even involved in a feud with Randy Orton. All of this was in the past, now Kingston is caught in the misused category. Perhaps his push came to an end when his mother mistakenly revealed in an interview that he is South African and not Jamaican. After this W.W.E was forced to drop the Jamaican gimmick, which was working well for the star. The creative team had no clue on how to fully move Kofi away from the gimmick. This could be why he still uses the Jamaican theme for his entrance. Until they figure out how to repackage him, he will continue to be held down.

 Woo Woo WooZack RyderCredit: Google

Zack Ryder became well known in W.W.E when he and Curt Hawkins joined Edge. When this story line ended Ryder faded away and was in jeopardy of being released. Since the creative team had no idea what to do with him, Ryder used the internet to promote himself to wrestling fans. He coined himself the internet champion and gained so many followers that W.W.E was forced to bring him to television. The Woo Woo movement began and the Long Island Iced "Z" was born. Ryder seemed to be rocketing to the top but like so many other superstars, the fame did not last. If Ryder can once again repackage himself, perhaps he will rise again.

What's Up?R-TruthCredit: Google

R-Truth is truly a unique superstar, he sings his own entrance music, dances like no other, and performs moves that no one else can do. He is a former Tag Team, United States, and Hardcore champion. Clearly R-Truth should be in a better position than he is in. Sadly like other talented stars, the creative team has no clue on how to use him more. He has went through several character transformations but these always leave him in the same ranking. 

W.W.E depends on their top stars to sell tickets and merchandise. They will push stars that they feel will make them money and continue to use these stars. The company is afraid to take a chance and push certain wrestlers in the fear of losing money. However with proper writing and creativity, the wrestlers listed here can stand along side other top superstars.