We've all seen some crazy stuff on the internet. We've all seen the big popup banners, the ruthless advertisements, and the lamest ad-copy ever written. But have you seen these?

Recently these banner ads have been so ridiculous I've had to save them to my hard drive, and I'm surprised at how many of them I had when I opened the folder. take a look at my collection of the most WTF banner ads, to date. Read each one through its entirety, and have a laugh... or sit there and scratch your heads like I've had to do when browsing these.

Find Jesus Christ at eBay - Hey, if you can't find it on eBay, it doesn't exist.

WTF Banner 1

Rihanna's IQ is 117, Can you beat her? - Wildly inappropriate as of a few weeks ago, as she was allegedly beaten by R&B star Chris Brown.

WTF Banner 2

Has anyone ever eaten a Golden Gaytime?

Burn Yourself

Wow, neato! My credit score is represented by dinosaurs!

Credit Score

People will do anything for attention:

Facebook Ads WTF

So what you're saying is, if I can correctly identify the president of the USA, I can live there?


A hair laser. Hmm. Looks to me like he's shaving it the old fashion way.

Hair Laser

This has got to be my favorite:

Jello Pudding

Anyone want a bowl cut? I can do them pretty well:



Ahh Lips

I would have never seen this coming:

Gay Thug Dating
Strange, this one was actually out around the time of 9/11.


A sexually oriented saying, yes, that makes me hungry for cheeseburgers... I think?




I'll buy insurance from a woman dressed as a cat any day of the week. Seriously.


Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did.