This is a short article about the world today and the world tomorrow. The world is in serious trouble. Every year we are releasing tons of carbon dioxide every year. If we continue the way we are now the world we know of will disappear and so will the species humans. The earth is dramatically heating up. The natural balance of earth is being disrupted. The one to blame is greenhouse gases. Cars produce most of the greenhouse gases in the U.S. The earth naturally heats and cools but we are increasing the rate at which this happens. If the glaciers melt the oceans will have a dramatic rise in sea level. Many coastal cities such as Miami will be under water. Hurricanes will gain strength from the increase in warm waters. The plants will die. If the plants die humans die because plants are eaten by humans. If the weather keeps changing plants will no longer be able to survive because they can not adapt to the changing climate. If plants die humans will not be able to feed their cattle, pigs, and chickens, which are most of the protein and meat sources. Coal is being burned so fast that it will take the planet millions of years to replenish it. Dams are destroying the breeding cycles of fish and increasing the temperature of rivers. Humans are slowly destroying themselves. If robots can have artificial intellegence, then robots could have the potential to be smarter than humans. If robots are smarter than humans, robots could overthrow humans. If robots are given artificial intellegence than the human race is as good as destroyed. Even if the robots are under control it only takes one malfunction for robots to be their own person. It's amazing how smart people can be but more amazing how stupid they can be. We know that we are destroying earth but we continue to continue doing so. We should put up coal and oil and look towards space for energy. We could harness the energy of waves. The cars should run on things such as hydrogen or compressed air. There are so many things that we could do but we are just ignoring it. One problem is money. What is money? Money is just a waste. People wouldwhether worry about money than saving the world they live in. There should be international cooperation and wars should stop. This is far from primitive humans but we're acting like just that. We need to help each other. Instead of wasting money on war technology we should spend money on new energy resources such as nuclear fusion. Nuclear fusion has the potential to fuel all of the world's energy needs. If we can not create nuclear fusion in a short amount of time, we could continue using fossil fuels but we need better scrubbers. We could use fossil fuels as long as the gases and pollution is caught and destroyed. We could create many amazing products, but we can't create amazing ways to make those products safe and pollution free. If people stop cutting down trees, we would have less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Trees use carbon dioxide to produce oxygen. We need oxygen to live. It is a balance that was perfect until fossil fuels came along. If pollution disappears the world will be a safer and better place for all animals to live in.