Motivation to write

When people set out to make some passive income on the side by writing articles, we usually start off with vigor and a zeal to push out great content and start making money online. The problem isn't starting out, that's easy because we are motivated to work hard. It is usually a month or two in and seeing no fruit from all your labor that the frustration and questions begin to settle in. Should I quit? Am I wasting my time? I can't seem to write anymore. These are all thoughts that pass through most writers when starting off. I admit, starting off is hard and the results are small so it can be disheartening. So what can we do to motivate ourselves after that initial rush feeling? The answer is looking at successful income reports of bloggers and writers! Let's dive in and see what this entails.

Those who blaze the trail have followers

When we follow certain blogs, websites, or article writers that have proven to have successful stories in their endeavors then by default we start to identify with that success even if it's not our own. I have used websites such as Skefflings Make Money Online blog and My 4 Hour Workweek blog as a motivator personally because each time a new post about their past month's passiveBlaze the trailCredit: Wikimedia Commons income report comes up I feel a new jolt of energy. Seeing how they have made thousands of dollars for their effort really shows that when you stick to your guns and write great content the money will come in. But the common theme I notice about these blogs and many article writers is they started writing with the idea that they wanted to improve their skills and get out great content. Their motivation wasn't focused on money (although all of us want that) and that was a driving force for their success to making passive income online. If your primary motivation for writing is for the money then very quickly you will be frustrated when you see less than a dollar for your first months. Seeing great passive income reports each month really can build you up!

Keep your goals in mind

When we venture into the online world to start writing and making passive income we all should sit down and write our goals. No I don't mean write down things like "I want to make a ton of money" or "I want to have a ton of content". That's all well and good, but what I mean is numbers goals. How much content do you want to have published each month? How much time do you want to spend writing said content? How much money do you project you will earn each month? How much do you want to earn per year? Get out a piece of paper or your notebook and write these things down. This will aid you in starting to get writing and motivated because if your goals are written in front of you it holds you accountable to reach them or else you feel like the endeavors you took on weren't successful. I know that when I started in the world of writing to make passive online income I wanted to make money and write but I didn't have any goals. This quickly lead to me being frustrated when seeing my income reports and seeing how I only have a little content. It almost seemed like an impassable road block and it made the road tough to traverse. But when I made myself write down my goals I had a structured plan and strived to meet them. Suddenly I saw myself meeting or exceeding those goals instead of barely getting halfway.

The beginning makes or breaks you

Staying motivated in the very beginning is easy, and as I mentioned that FrustrationCredit: Wikimedia Commonsafter the initial rush is gone and there seems to be no fruit from your labor the motivation begins to fade. The beginning is the trying period of your online income endeavors. It's the exact same thing with all things we as humans do when starting off on something new. Notice how many people make new year's resolutions to lose weight or start a project they wanted to get off the ground, only to see 80% of these people drop out before February? It's because the beginning is the toughest hurdle to get over, and writing is no different. I know when I started my weight loss journey in March of 2012 the first week was easy, but a month later I almost had to drag myself to the gym. However after I did it and made it routine and set goals for myself, I'm still going at it today and it's more than a year later! It's a hurdle every human has to overcome.

Keep motivated from success

Keeping success stories in front of you at all times, along with your goal sheet is key to making it over that beginners hurdle and will aid you in propelling forward to meeting your passing online income goals. I always keep tabs on multiple passive income blogs to see how their earnings are doing and when their reports come out I eat it up like dessert. I feel so motivated after seeing them that I can fly off the handle for a few days producing new content because success is out there waiting to be taken. Read successful onlSuccessCredit: http://openphoto.netine income reports, make your goals and keep them in front of you, and push through the beginners frustration block and you will be well on your way to making passive income online. It all comes down to how well you can coach and push yourself. If you fail to believe that you can make it, you will achieve that failure every time. If you strive for success then that believe will enable you to press forward and obtain your goals. That's the power of our minds, it can make or break our success in any endeavor and not just writing to make money online either. Believe in yourself, and that motivation will take you to your goals in no time.