Tegra 2 dual core performance and 1 GB of DDR2 RAM

The Motorola AtrixFirst of all, the Motorola Atrix is one of the most powerful smartphones in the world, running the new Tegra 2 platform that has a dual core processor (both cores run at 1 GHz), a dedicated GeForce graphics solution and a hardware video decoder. All of that adds up to provide the best performance in general apps, as well as any graphics-intensive games and applications.

You can forget about converting your videos to a lower resolution or a different format – the Motorola Atrix can play any files at resolutions up to 1920x1080 without any problems. There’s also a full 1GB of DDR2 RAM to accompany the fast processor and graphics adapter, and anything less would’ve just made this phone slower.

960x540 display resolution plus all the features you may need

The display has also been upgraded, and the new 4 inch Super LCD unit has a nice 960x540 qHD resolution, which is almost as high as the iPhone 4, and definitely makes everything on the screen look sharp, clear and colorful.

Sure enough, the other features you would expect to find on a smartphone are present, as well: the Atrix has support for Wifi N, Bluetooth 3.0, 3G and 4G networks, an assortment of sensors, including a gyroscope, two cameras for video calls and HD videos and much more. After many complaints from users, Motorola finally decided to integrate not only 16 GB of internal storage space, but also an external micro SD card, which can be used to add up to 32 GB more memory, if you ever need it.

The unique ability to replace a netbook or even your desktop

The Motorola Atrix (side)But what makes the Atrix very special is its ability to turn into a full-fledged netbook or even desktop computer using two separate docks from Motorola. For that purpose, there are two (!) additional operating systems residing on the device: the Motorola Entertainment Center, which runs whenever you connect an external display and can be used to watch movies, slideshows or listen to music, and Webtop, which lets you have a full Internet experience using a special version of Firefox (with support for Flash and all other Web technologies) and run other apps on big screens (a document, editor, email app, etc.).

The docks are pretty good, as well: one of them has a netbook form factor, complete with a keyboard, 11 inch display and a bigger battery to keep the Atrix running for more than a day, and the second only has outputs for the HDMI and USB port, which lets you connect a display and any external peripherals you want.

The Motorola Atrix will be released in the first quarter of 2011, running the 2.3 version of Android, but an upgrade to 3.0 is definitely possible in the future, and the Atrix sure is future-proof with all the specs it has. If it's available on mobile phone contracts comparable to the iPhone 4's, the Atrix could definitely get a lot of sales – possibly even more than the original Droid!