The thirst for knowledge and the curiosity to understand the almighty exists from time immemorial. It is an undeniable truth that human kind miserably failed in their quest for God. You have to accept the limitations of the human ability to understand the omnipotent being. However, good souls either ignorant of the fact or in a vain effort to seek God spend a good portion of their lives.

Until recently humans were unaware of the different dimension that existed alongside them! Yes, here I refer to the nuclear physics. At school, we were taught about the three dimensions and it's too difficult for us to accept the fact that there are other dimensions. And still worse is that we are unable to figure out what they are or how they look like! A simple example will enlighten you on the human inability to perceive higher knowledge.

Take for example there exists a two dimensional world, and we humans who live in a three dimensional realm try to communicate with the beings that do not recognize or doesn't have the ability to perceive three dimensional object. A ball would be seen as a circle and a cube as a square.

When it comes to understanding God this is how we are neither can we understand his ways or can we judge his deeds. Any human effort to understand or reach God will end up in frustration. No one has ever reached god by self righteousness or any form of meditation. This effort has been found among the humans from early days of creation.

This is why God had to send his only begotten son to save the human kind from the bondage. Only a God in human form can make the things of eternity clear to the human mind. This is why the birth, murder, and resurrection played a crucial role in imparting the knowledge that humans desperately longed for. Only God can reveal himself to humankind and it is impossible for men to find God with their own efforts.

Now that things are being told in a way that humans can understand, it is our part to accept and believe in the savior in order to be saved. It is good that meditations and other mental exercises can relive you of your stress. But making them a tool to find God is not wise. The funniest part is that humans with their spiritual gimmicks even try to become gods.