Elie Tahari an Iranian, by origin founded a global lifestyle brand in his own name in 1973. Since 1973, when the ‘Elie Tahari’ began its journey it has come a great way. Tahari is one of the biggest brand names in the fashion industry and the manufacturer of the fastest selling and one of the most high end designer shoes.elie tahari high-end designer shoes Tahari shoes are acknowledged to be stylish, comfortable and high quality. It has fast become every woman’s first preference, as far as a high end designer shoe is concerned. If you are one of those indulgent women who cannot be flattered by just anything, that is not the best, than these shoes are the ones for you. Tahari most certainly fulfils its vision of providing elite, stylish and comfortable to its customers. Each of the their shoes are made of the finest quality material and pays special attention to the demands of its fashionable customers. Be it a boot, a pump a wedge or a simple ballet flat shoe each creation from Tahari is a masterpiece.

E. Tahari boasts of a wide array of women’s shoes and flip-flops, with a lot of unique styles that you won't find anywhere else. The Casey Sling Back, Barrie Driving Moc, Marie Pump, Adele Dress, Veronica Ballet, Isabel Pump, Renee Flat With Chain Detail, Ta-Carey Flat... are some of the exquisite shoes from Tahari. These are not just shoes, each one of them is a replica of fashion and comfort blended into one, each one of these shoes are popular among E.T’s popular clients. elie tahari sandalsTahari is also renowned for an exquisite collection of designer sandals; the Adele Sandal High Heel, Tippi Sandal, Tahari Pam Platform Sandal and Tahari Becky Wedge Sandal are the brand’s best-selling sandals. The boots, the high heels the belles and the sandals each one of them are made to charm and are bound to turn some heads in praise and some in envy. The Tahari Sasha heels are particularly recommended for a fashionable and spunky look.

tahari heelsA pair of jeans and a scarf, an evening gown or a high-waist skirt matched with a nice blouse, whatever you chose to wear, the high heels will compliment it more than anything else. From the sensuous almond toe, to the very classy and stylish thick strap Mary Jane, these seductive heels have only one side-effect, envious friends and colleagues. E.T. also manufactures some fantastic flat footwear. From bold shades, an assortment of adornments on the toe and detailed linings, every sandal is carefully crafted to give you a stylish and professional look.

Tahari’s global popularity can be judged by its sales figures and the fact that Elie Tahari has retail operations in more than 40 countries. Still if you cannot find the style you were looking for you can always visit the Tahari website and order online. Besides the official website there are other online shopping portals that offer genuine Tahari products. Get set to pamper yourself with a pair of designer shoes from Tahari. The price ranges for these shoes is reasonable for a designer shoes and these shoes are worth every penny you spend on them.