Love (24534)

It's very famous saying that "to love someone deeply gives you strength and to be loved by someone deeply gives you courage". I utterly agree with the statement. Not only courage but hope & fresh air all around us is spread due to the fact that someone has been with us finally. Love is an abbreviation of four words such as "L stands for likability", "o stands for oath from both sides that we will stand together in all circumstances and face all the problems mutually", "v stands for valuable that means the existing relationship will be valuable for both than the rest of the world", and "e stands for eternal relationship".

Every relationship starts from likability. This factor shows our interest in a certain thing or person. Likability is normally the first stage of any relationship whether it is love or friendship or any business kind of relation. If you do not like your partner then you can't able to commence any kind of relationship with him/her. Simply the feelings of likability converts into friendship that further leads to a warm relationship which is love.

One purpose of building the relationship is either to analyze the personality of other person or to find a friend or a life partner. Everybody wants to know more about his/her business partner, sex partner or even a life partner. But can he/she do this judgment directly by asking some stupid questions, probably can't. Even it is not possible to get complete know how in one or two formal sittings at any hotel. However, both partner can learn a lot about each other with the time. The end result of this learning and judgment can open two directions only for them. First one ends to the pure bonding (Close relationship) say a close business partner, friend, sex partner or sometimes this ties into a fabulous "marriage agreement". Second aspect could be lead to a life time revelry between the two individuals despite the fact of race, religion, social belonging.

In a net shell "Friendship" plays a vital role in "Love". But when some person has fallen in love than here comes a new relation or bond which has its own characteristics. Friendship can be positive or negative measure on relationship scale or sometimes could be zero but true love never dies. It gets stronger with the time. Usually in hard and crucial times when even friends fail to support or treat the relationship in a positive way only true love stand with you. The more you give the more you take, that's the way love actually works. Nevertheless, Friendship is the most precious ingredient in the recipe of love. And without friendship & love life has no meaning at all.