The Puzzling Story of the Amelia Earhart Mystery

There are many unanswered and puzzling mysteries that have captured the imagination and thoughts of mankind for the past hundreds of years.

These mysteries include unexplained disappearances, religious mystics, and other odd events or things. One of the mysteries that has captivated and has been subject to public speculation is the mystery of Amelia Earhart. The mystery of Amelia Earhart has not only been popular because of her unsolved disappearance but also because of the situation surrounding her infamous flight.

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Amelia Earhart was a passionate flyer who has earned celebrity status because of the many flight records that she broke. Her last flight that would have completed an around-the-world flight plan via the equatorial route is her dream flight which she hoped would settle down her desire and impulse to fly.

So, even though she had not survived the said flight, the around the world flight plan was definitely her last expedition. Her flight plan over the Pacific Ocean, where she vanished, would have completed her around the world flight plan. It would have been the longest flight made around the world following the equatorial path.

In addition, it is the first of its kind to be done by a female pilot.

What Happened?

So, what are the circumstances that resulted to the mystery of Amelia Earhart, her death and the unknown location of her disappearance? The fateful flight occurred on July 2, 1937 when Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan, her navigator, took off from Lae to fly over the Pacific Ocean going to Howland Island. The whole flight would have taken only about 19 hours and Earhart has enough fuel to last up to 24 hours.

Unfortunately, Amelia ran out of fuel about two hours earlier than anticipated. Up to this day, there are still disagreements about what really transpired that lead to the mystery of Amelia Earhart and her flight.

One of the theories being provided was made by Elgen M. Long, is that Earhart used more fuel than necessary due to a combined influence of bad weather and a failure on the equipment. Since there was a storm, Earhart would have climbed higher and fought against strong winds which would use greater amount of fuel. In addition, communication with Leo Bellarts, her radio contact aboard the Itasca, is problematic at best.

She made contact but Amelia was unable to hear him and she could not understand the Morse code Bellarts sent her because she left behind her Morse code equipment. Long theorizes that Earhart died on impact or probably drowned when she crashed into the water.

Recent findings identified an area or areas that could have been the location where Amelia Earhart crashed.

Nauticos and TIGHAR presented possibilities and theories about what transpired but conclusions are still not final and definite. Surely, in time the mystery of Amelia Earhart will and can finally rest.