Rasputin’s Death: Truth or Over Exaggerated ?

There are many mysterious events and articles in this world that up to this day still puzzle or confuse people as to its truth or legitimacy. One of these mysterious happenings is the mystery of Rasputin. So, who is Rasputin? Grigory or Grigori Rasputin was known as a man of many things depending on who you are asking. Some people during his time would say that he is a holy man. Others dubbed him as the “Mad Monk”. Still, the most talked about situation concerning Rasputin is his questionable relationship with the then royal family of Russia, most especially, with Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra.

Whatever belief anybody and anyone says about Rasputin, he is definitely not a monk. But, to this day, people still argue about whether Rasputin was a holy man or not. Another aspect that is still open for discussion is whether he has a respectable effect on Russia’s royal family or whether he was the very sole reason that the last Russian emperor is Tsar Nicholas II. What other factors contributed to the mystery of Rasputin?

The Mystery

When Grigori Rasputin had a mysterious influence over the then Russia’s tsar and tsarina of Russia, the people of Russia almost hated or distrusted him all together. However, their discontent and complaints about Rasputin is simply ignored or disregarded by the Romanovs. Not surprisingly, the Russian people would not have openly provoked any action against Rasputin for fear of sustaining the wrath of their royal leaders. But, some people dared to go against Rasputin.

The following people made plans; Felix Yussupov, Vladimir Purishkevic, Great Duke Dimitri Romanov, and a certain Dr. Lazaret. The mystery of Rasputin is mainly due to the suspicious and strange circumstances of his death. Prince Felix invited Rasputin pretending that his wife, Irena, will meet the said holy man, but in truth, they are planning on killing him during that time. First, they put poison on the food that they served to Rasputin but as the killers waited, it seemed that Rasputin is unaffected and was, in fact, very active. As the story goes, Prince Felix became quite frustrated that he shot Rasputin.

He went to tell his accomplices about what transpired and when they went back to check the body, Rasputin allegedly attacked Prince Felix but the prince escaped. Rasputin was said to have tried to escape from the palace by crawling and then running from the place. But the four men eventually caught up with him and shoot him numerous times. Although, he was still breathing, they decided to wrap him in linen and dump his body in the Neva River. When Rasputin’s body was found after two days, it was established that the cause of death is drowning.

As you can ascertain, the event leading to his death is quite bizarre and really unbelievable. This is what surrounds the mystery of Rasputin.