Pope Lick Monster is a mythical creature, an urban legend,which appears as a part goat part human hybrid. It is reported to lurk beneath a Norfolk Southern Railway trestle over Floyd's Fork Creek, in the Fisherville area of Louisville, Kentucky.[2]

Urban Legend –

The first reported sighting of this grotesquely deformed creature, can be traced back to eary 40’s. Despite the lack of any conclusive evidence , sporadic reports of its sightings have persisted till date. The stories of this creature abound in numerous urban legends , where it is depicted as a hideous half- human, half-sheep genetic mutation , who lured its unsuspecting victims through hypnosis and mind control. It is said to have powerful fur covered legs , an alabaster skinned face which had an aquiline nose and wide set of eyes. It had goatlike pointed horns, jutting out from its head as well as long greasy hair whose color was similar to the color of the fur that covered its legs. Ever since the creatures’ purported first sighting in the 40’s, numerous theories and conjectures have been put forth about the creature’s origins and the methods it employs  to claim its victims.


Some claim that the creature mimics the panicked voices of loved ones to entice trespassers onto the trestle where they get mauled by an oncoming train. Some theories even suggest that the monster  employs hypnosis or mind control to claim its preys. Some urban legends talk about the monster assaulting people with a blood spattered axe or jumping down the trestle onto the roof of ongoing cars, passing beneath it. Some also believe that the very sight of this grotesque, deformed entity is so disconcerting , that people are forced to leap off the trestle. However ,most of the tales talk about the monster harrowing its victims by bombarding them with stones and /or making unsettling noises. But what is the mystery behind this creature’s origin?

Well as per popular folklore , this human goat hybrid is actually a circus freak, exacting revenge, after being ill treated , by claiming innocent lives. Some legends state that this entity might be a perverted , reanimated form of a farmer , who lusted for Satanic powers and sacrificed goats in his twisted rituals.

However it is the final legend ,that explains the origins of this Goatman , which is most compelling. The legaend is closely associated with another tale, that is synonymous with the trestle- the story of a “Ghost Train” that suddenly appears on its tracks out of nowhere.

This is how the legend goes….In the early eighteenth century , there were widespread rumors and reported sightings of this hideous creature in the Canadian wilderness. Enthralled by these reports and tales of this strange entity ,a circus owner going by the name Silus Garner , announced a substantial bounty  for the capture of the creature. The reward sparked a major hunt and the creature was eventually tracked down and apprehended. The owner started displaying it to the audience of his freak show. From town to town they went, the monster being one of his star attractions. Until one fateful night while bound for Louisville, lightening struck the track derailing the train and killing all passengers aboard except for one....the Goatman.


Media –

A low budget film titled “The Legend Of The Goatman “ was released in 1988. . Even though the movie, provided a shot in the arm, for the thrill seekers , the Norflok Southern railroad officials were downright upset with the movie, anticipating the kind of impact it will have on teenagers and thrill seekers , who will keep on frequenting this dangerous site. Consequently the officials issued a warning notice,urging the public not to attempt to seek thrill in this dangerous area, and erected a 8 ft long fence to keep tresspassers out. But such measures proved to be grossly inadequate. The engrossing saga of this Goatman turned the area into a site for legend tripping, which consequently escalated the number of deaths and accidents at the trestle, despite the eight feet long obstacle .