Is There a Rational Explanation Behind The Crop Circle Phenomenon?

Since the seventeenth century, crop circles have been an eerie anomaly that continues to confuse and bewilder scientists and the public.  Old woodcuts from that era depict a “Devilish” creature (often referred to as “the Mowing Devil”) putting cryptic circles in farmers’ crops (Watson).  The question of where these designs come from frequently brings up a heated debate.  Who put these here?  Some common theories have been: wind currents, aircraft downdrafts, earth energy by E.M.F. (electromagnetic field), and hoaxes craftily executed by no more than a band of teenagers.  It is my belief, based on valid evidence that these crop circles could not possibly be created by these popular theories and can only be accomplished by extraterrestrial aliens.  The rest of this paper will explain some of the reasons which debunk the separate theories on crop circle creation, and asserting my own.

Many scientists propose that the circles are created by wind currents.  They rationalize this because of how the plant stalks are laid in a spiral formation across the ground.  If vortices, or “dust devils”, turn up in the middle of a field, the theory is that the spiraling wind from that has enough force to lay the stalks down in a spiral shape.  A variation on that theory is one created by Dr. Terrance Meaden of the Tornado and Storm Research Center.  His theory is called the plasma vortex and consists of a vortex that is full of charged particles due to the charged air inside the vortex (Watson).  Sometimes the particles can glow and may be the reason for strange light sightings around crop circles.  It is then that I ask those people, “then how do you presume the circles have such complex patterns?”  The circles in the beginning were just a plain circle or two, but now they are almost photorealistic, depicting more than your simple circle, and taking into account the actual slope in the land!  Given these complications, the idea of vortices making the perfect circles is then rendered physically impossible in that theory since, at the very least, there would be loss of symmetry in such cases.


Another theory for what is making crop circles is aircraft downdrafts.  The idea behind it is that low flying aircraft create enough wind to press down the plants into interesting natural patterns.  None of the tests conducted have created crisp lines, or intricate patterns.  I do not believe this opinion is anywhere close because of the fact that all of the crop circles are as big as 600 feet long/wide!  No human aircraft (and especially a hovering one) is that big…yet.


A big part in the mystery of crop circles is the presence of high electromagnetic field (EMF) readings at the sites.  A theory for why they exist and how the circles might possibly be made is that the Earth gives off power in a specific area.  Researcher Dr. William Levengood in 1990 studied the effects of microwave heating of the stems of crops and believed that that may be the reason why the stems fall over.  He also said that the waves were in fact coming from the ground.  Many people feel dizzy or light-headed in or around crop circles because of the EMF rating (“New Swirled Order”).  I think that is a great theory, and the most sound of all the theories, but there is some room for doubt.  There had to be something to arrange the stalks into a perfect spiral and the complicated patterns noted previously.  Also, nature is good, but not good enough I do not think, that it could create a photorealistic image of an alien holding a disk, WITH proportions according to the slant of the land.


The last theory is that this is all a hoax and we are all being boondoggled by a bunch of adrenaline junkies who like sneaking into fields at night and making cool designs in the crops.  This is possible, and there have been videos on how to do it with just some wooden planks and various tools.  The major problem is time.  Many of the most elaborate crop circles spanning 500 plus feet wide have turned up in just three to four hours.  There is not a person alive who can work that fast and with such precision.  Another major problem is that in the authentic ones, there is no trace of foot steps at all.  The stalks are bent over, and about an inch to two inches above the ground, and when you step on it, it crunches.  In all the re-creation videos, the crop looks visibly forced down, where as the real deal is very delicately placed.


In my opinion, there is only one thing that could have created such incredible designs, and that is extraterrestrial aliens.  Each circle has a sort of intelligent undertone to it.  Some of the circles display code that is not common knowledge to any country’s public.  One great example is the possible response to a message sent into space during November 1974 in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (“Crop Circles Decoded”).  The message stated our number system, our DNA structure, population, and other facts about our species.  The message was found in a field across from the space telescope mentioned in our message.  It also showed the same type of stats, but with quite startling differences including, silicon as an essential element to life, a triple helix DNA strand, a smaller body with big head, and a segment saying that they lived on Earth, Mars, and the four moons of Jupiter.  Some would argue that the message is just a joke being played on us, but how can someone know about this code so extensively to go out and create a fake, accurate message?  It seems too rare to me for that to happen.

My second argument is that when you factor in all the elements involved in the circles (i.e. radiation, spiral weaving, bent stalks with no snaps, and odd lights) it seems too difficult to have someone do this all in one night or even three hours.  Are you suggesting that some teenagers are going into crops, running a microwave out there, bending and weaving stalks while hanging down from something and creating eerie lights while doing this is what is going on in the waking hours of the morning?  The whole thing is just too elaborate for any human being to accomplish, even with a giant team of people to help.  In addition, there might be financial obstacles for teenagers in acquiring the some of the equipment needed to properly accomplish this task and in buying the silence of the team of helpers after the hoax was completed.

    To conclude, the fact that too many illogical occurrences happen around crop circles leads one to believe that they are the product of alien activity.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion and interpretation of the idea of crop circles.  I hope that some of the facts and rationales I laid forth help to decide for you whether crop circles are an extraterrestrial anomaly or a bunch of media hype rooted around a bunch of midnight jokesters.