When it comes to renovating your house, there are myriad varieties of furnishing options for you to choose from. From the timeless rustic theme replete with antiques and exotic souvenirs from various parts of the world to the charming and sophisticated contemporary themes, you can get any kind of interior décor that would add panache to your overall homely ambience.

But the one theme that is prevalent since ages and can never go out of fashion would be the cottage furnishing theme, which is pretty much a patented theme over East Coast regions in the United States.

What is country cottage furniture

Country cottage furniture could be described as furniture that sticks to a decor theme dedicated to the countryside.  Furniture would typically be natural. For example wicker, wood and rattan are materials that would normally be used. Although iron and steel which are and industrial material can also be combined and makes a nice contrast.

When choosing country cottage furniture your focus should be on providing the room with a comfortable, warm and inviting atmosphere. It is not always easy to incorporate these elements.  Wooden items can help although this material should be limited.

Bringing in smaller items will help achieve what you are looking for.  Simplicity is what you are after because too much clutter will not provide the essential ingredients. This applies to any cottage furniture, for example beach cottage furniture is as simple as it gets.

You can create a rustic look with rattan chairs, combining them with cotton and flannel.  To emphasize texture add elements of metal and iron. This is usually not the done thing for a country theme, but in this case it can have a certain appeal. Using brightly colored throws to cover the metal items will make the perfect combination.

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What are your furnishing options?

You can count on the cottage-based theme to provide your house a homely and cozy outlook with loads of style and flair. The colors to look out for include white, cream, sage paints along with other pastel shades; whereas for the bold and experimental types, you can find printed and floral themes too.

Cottage furnishing is most commonly found in wood themes where rosewood, oak, ebony and mahogany are prime preferences. Though generally available at inexpensive and affordable rates, the pricing depends on the kind of wood base chosen.

Cottage Furniture Accessories

Though you want your house to consist of modern furniture, you can still make the backdrop look unique by throwing in a wicker basket or putting up a rosewood recliner in a corner. This will give the room a cottage feel.

Old candle holders, metal framed mirrors and other accessories like laced table cloths and wicker furniture add plenty of appeal to the room. You may even add some elaborate plaid designed pillow cushions or invest in Gothic designed bed spreads to give your bedroom a vintage feel.

Cottage themed furniture can be obtained at affordable prices at almost all yard sales, flea markets and consignment stores. You can also try second hand markets and stores where furniture options will be in abundance for cheap rates.

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Maine cottage furniture

You can see why this type of cottage furniture is so unique. It has a inviting appeal about it that says " come and sit down, have a cup of tea" . This in fact was the first company to start the fashion of wood painted furniture, which started in the late 80's and this means they have been going strong for over 20 years. They are a proud American company, but provide world class service. 

The company began small selling small pieces of furniture and slowly expanded, developing its own line, designed and painted by them. It has now added wicker chairs as well as various upholsteries in some 200 fabrics.

Maine cottage furniture uses a massive 40 colors in their business, which makes them stand out . The furniture that is produced is top quality and is made to last. Custom orders can be made, but with top class professionals of style and color in the cottage furniture department most customers are happy to purchase something that has been designed at the factory. With so many colors and fabrics to choose from there are no limitations.

Maine cottage furniture provides a large selection of furniture to place in different areas of your home. You may just want to focus on one area, such as the living room. You can find many sofas and wicker chairs in a variety of pastel colors for example with matching tables and all the accessories to go with.