A common question that arises for some single women involves a definition of the term "intimidating female." When some men are questioned about the lack of chemistry between them and a seemingly ideal female, the intimidation concept can find its way into the conversation. What is an intimidating female? Why do some men avoid what they consider to be intimidating qualities instead of rising to the challenge and bettering themselves?

When you think of an intimidating female, many things may cross your mind. Picture an attractive woman with a great job and a flair for life. This woman makes other women dream and aspire for more. She embodies the very definition of womanhood in the 21st century. So why is this type of woman repelled in the dating world?

When asked about approaching women that seem intimidating, men express the same sentiment. Thoughts of "just not interested" or "she's out of my league, so why bother" seemed to be a common sentiment. The question must be asked if have we become a nation of complacency when we no longer wish to strive for the best-even when it comes to choosing our potential mates.

Intimidating women face an interesting quagmire. Characteristics that make them strong contenders in the business world make them outsiders in the dating universe. On the hit show "Millionaire Matchmaker," owner Patti Stanger suggested that her female CEO client "tone down" her business-like persona because it emasculated her dates. This bit of advise sounded like something you would hear on a 1950's health class reel.

In 2010, it is surprising to think some men feel that relationship equality diminishes their masculinity. Equally unfortunate is the societal attitude that being with a more successful women somehow emasculates a man. With current opportunities offered regardless of race or gender, should women believe every man secretly wants to return to the era of Mad Men? Women's liberation still has strides to make if being a smart woman that makes career their priority somehow makes you intimidating to men.

So what is the answer? There is no such thing as an intimidating woman. There have been and will always be strong as well as weak men and women. Strong women will always experience difficulty when walking the fine line between societal norms and social change between men and women. Do not dumb yourselves down or settle for less than you feel you are worth. Even intimidating women eventually find their match in an equally strong partner.