Health Care bill benefits you and all Americans

The National Health Care Bill benefits you and all Americans-

National Health Care seems to be what everyone is talking about now on the major television news stations. So many scare tactics and threats are being written, emailed, and slung with slanted, misleading arguments that a whole segment of our population has become what 19th century historians call 'anarchists.' From congressional leadership on down, their behavior is appalling, insulting, and discriminatory, bordering on that of felonious hockey parents now residing in jail. 'Targeting' democrats and independents is ex-governor of Alaska's answer to repealing the health care bill. As Americans, why are constituencies not embarrassed by this bullying schoolyard behavior?

Where are the Christian values so highly touted, even now by the 'Right,' as being the sole reason some crossed party lines to vote for George W. Bush? Where now, folks, is the empathy for your fellow American who doesn't have health care and has to beg for patient healthcare at free clinics? Where has altruism gone?

Somehow the moniker 'Christian Right' seems oxymoronic.

The Healthcare Bill will be paid for by those wealthy Americans who have received countless tax credits and cuts under Bush's administration. Finally, a little spreading of the wealth of this nation from the top to the middle and the bottom. Pharmaceutical companies and health insurance companies will pay a fee based on their market share. Better surveillance of long abused Medicare subscriber accounts will be monitored, along with preventable hospital visits, which raise our healthcare costs.

The direct benefits to national healthcare for the average American are many. If you have children under 26, they can be covered under your policy. So many young people are finding it difficult to obtain jobs with healthcare benefits, and they do get sick at young ages, some from terminal and chronic diseases. No parent wants to see their child undergo life-saving surgery and subsequent chemotherapy treatment, but if they are insured, it sure makes the journey a little bit easier.

Lifetime limits on your insurance policies will be lifted along with annual limits with the health care reform in insurance company procedures. One bout with cancer and its medical costs, resulting surgery and treatment in a single year or just a few months, can wipe out your annual limit and then your financial assets with one bitter swipe, even though you become a cancer survivor. And, if you do get sick, your insurance company can't drop you. Does it make sense that you pay for insurance for years, and when it comes time to use it, you no longer have insurance, as decided by your insurance company which dropped you? It is like putting money in the bank only to have it disappear when you go to withdraw it.

The 'doughnut hole' in Medicare prescription coverage will be closed. Ask any 'juvenile' lifetime diabetic what this means to them. Medicare recipients can now get annual wellness exams. One would have assumed this was already normally covered by Medicare. Preventative care saves dollars, and that means saving money for all Americans.

If you don't have health insurance, a family of four with incomes between $29,327 to $88,200 is eligible for premium subsidies. This is already a part of many states' Medicaid programs, so what's the fuss over?

These are some of the reforms included in the National Health Care Bill that will take effect over a period of years between now and 2018. A large segment of Americans will benefit directly; all Americans will benefit indirectly from measures included in the bill to reform health insurance companies, insure the uninsured, and regulate the costs of medical care, which you have previously paid for....even though it's never been a line item on your insurance policy bill.