We’ve all seen and heard of the commercials for artificially created energy drinks claiming to give you that boost you need to get through the day, but at what cost?  My mother told me once, if you don’t know what’s in it, don’t eat it.  The same applies to drinks.  Energy drinks are mass marketed in a clever way to convince the consumer that they are making a smart and healthy choice.  Sure there are some B-vitamins in it but there are also a bunch of other ingredients that many of us have never heard about. 

Addicted to energy drinks...

After consuming a Red Bull, 5 Hour Energy, Monster or any other similar drink do you feel good?  I’ve had my share of these drinks in the past and the only benefit I’ve experienced is a temporary boost of energy that left me in an energy drink withdraw hours after wearing off.  In fact, the worst feeling about this form of energy is that I always felt jittery and dehydrated because the high levels of caffeine, sugar, and other artificial ingredients robbed me of any water that my body needed to use for healthy functions.  Which would you prefer, energy that feels natural to your body, or energy that leaves you feeling like a legalized crack head hours later?  The answer is organic juicing.

What is juicing?

Juicing.  Do you mean steroids? The first time I went around telling my friends and family that I was juicing every day they looked at me in shock and disbelief.  A few of my friends told me that I didn’t look bulky or angry.  My sister told me I would grow parts that aren’t normally on the male body later in life and that I’d regret it.  I quickly learned that I needed to clearly state that I was on an organic raw fruit and vegetable juice diet and not steroids.   It’s the long way to describe it but once they knew what I was doing, I would refer back to it as juicing. 

By drinking raw organic juices, the body can use the most natural form of vitamins and minerals and healthy enzymes.  There’s no comparison to the large variety of artificial energy drinks since everything within the juice is truly all natural.  The only processing involved is juice extraction.  So, let’s get to it.  Here is a quick and easy recipe for getting your daily energy shot the natural way:

Organic Granny Smith Apple & Carrot Juice

A quick recipe for an all natural energy boost

Organic Granny Smith Apple & Carrot Juice


  • 3 Medium to large-sized organic carrots
  • 1 organic Granny Smith green apple


  • 1 organic celery stalk and/or 1 small handful of organic parsley (about 3 or 4 sprigs) 


  • Cutting board
  • Knife
  • Fruit and Vegetable juicer  (masticating, auger or twin gear style preferred.  I use an Omega 350 VRT which works great)



  1. Soak the apples and carrots (and any optional items:  celery/parsley) in lukewarm water for about 1 minute using a tablespoon of fruit and vegetable wash.  (Tip:  a produce scrubber is very handy in making sure the surface of the produce is clean, free from any dust, dirt or chemicals that may have come into contact)
  2. Rinse thoroughly under cool water.
  3. Chop off the root ends of the carrot (about ¼ inch off of the thicker end).  Set aside.
  4. With the apple sitting upright on the cutting board, slice the apple in 2 halves.  Remove any visible seeds.  Slice each half 3 more times until you end up with 8 slices total.  Remove any other seeds.
  5. Start by placing 1 carrot into the juicer, followed by several apple slices, alternating between carrots and apples until there's nothing left to juice.
  6. Pour into glass and drink.  (For no pulp a strainer may be required).


Drink your juice immediately.  The longer your freshly made juice sits it will oxidize, likely losing freshness and quality of healthy benefits.  Juicing will take time at first, but with careful preparation and attention you will find ways to speed up the process from gathering and washing the produce to getting all that juicy goodness to your taste buds.  And of course, make sure that you use only organic produce.  Not only is it healthier for you, but it tastes better too!

Do you juice?    What are some other delicious recipes that you have found beneficial?

Many people find it difficult to start but that is true about anything you've never tried before.  Although there are quicker alternatives in a can at your closest convenience store, the benefits are short-lived.  Learning about juicing builds the excitement and fun of making your own healthy energy shot that provides long-term benefits for years to come.