Taxes may sound a burden for you but in reality it has a great impact in your life. You might have heard of tax evasion (a crime due to undeclared assets and exact income amounts in order to escape appropriate taxes) and tax delinquency (tax that are overdue and compounded with interests) are some of the so called 'society crimes" that an ordinary mortal like you may commit. There will be punishments that wait if you are committing some of these crimes. Life is really full of compromise, if you want something you really need to pay for it.

From the concrete road that you are using everyday, public schools, hospitals, etc are just some of the basic welfare services that run by the government just for you. The concept of tax is very simple. These are all about integrity and responsibility. Now let's focus on taxes that are not paid at the right time. Every country has its own law regarding what time of the year the taxes will be paid. If you are not careful and time conscious you might one day receive a notice that your property has back taxes that must be paid. This is made up of penalties that are added to the exact amount. But if you are still hard headed, they might subject it in delinquent tax sales. The sale is open for investors who are seeking opportunities. They will act as the owner by paying your back taxes. Then by that time you pay your taxes, the investor will receive back his money and interests. There are two possibilities either your property will be on auction or the tax certificate will be purchased by some investor. These are facts that you should consider when you own a property.

If want to avoid your property to be "at sale" or you are eyeing for an opportunity, ask the right authorities for the right and reliable information. Knowledge is power.