The modern world is rife with constant struggle and toil. People in general have to make hard choices and those decisions often impact their lifestyle in a way that many would claim as negative.

There is a great amount of judgment in the world today in regards to several types of lifestyle. Those lifestyles are as follows: Prostitution, legal and otherwise. Working in the adult industry. Working at Mcdonalds.

How can I lump these all together? Certainly you can't compare a prostitute to a fry cook. One is an under paid flipper of burgers. The other is a filthy whore. Therein lies the judgmental nature of people in many parts of the world today.

In most parts of the world prostitution is legal and carries strict health oriented guidelines. Yet, in some countries like the United States of America, you are not allowed to sell or purchase such sexual services outside of a few counties in Nevada with one or two others scattered across that nation.

There are many reasons why the governments claim this practice should be illegal. Most of these reasons involve some form of health and disease issue. However, despite those claims of civic health responsibilty there have been, to date, no cases of AIDS ever occurring in the confines of a legal brothel in the state of Nevada.

In truth, it is actually far less likely that you will catch a terminal sexual disease from a licensed prostitute with extremely strict rules and regulations than you are likely to acquire one from that cute waitress at your local bar. Where is her paperwork to prove she is disease free? Those 'filthy prostitutes' have to take weekly in-depth blood tests.

The worst statement and outcry comes not, in truth, from the medical community. The greatest naysayers of the prostitution life style and career come from moralistic people that simply can not fathom why anyone would wish to live their lives in any fashion other than what their own religious doctrine dictates.

Prostitution should therefore be avoided because it is, filthy, degrading, amoral, and makes you less worthy as a human being. That is their personal excuse for making such a person feel like pond scum. There is no reasoning is involved beyond simply judgment based solely on indoctrinated thought patterns.

Similar issues arise from the adult entertainment industry in general. There is a perception that someone who works in adult films or photography must be incapable of working in another venue. These people are entirely unintelligent and incapable of basic math, or appropriate spelling requirements. They lack education and morals.

That too is a misnomer. The truth is far different.

While it is certainly a knowable fact that many of these people can not think outside of the 'box', so to speak, many more actually have well run business empires that they themselves head up. They do not have the moralistic hangups about their bodies that some do.

The people in the adult industry are not filthy degrading perverts. They are business people selling a product that everyone wants. A product that is good, clean, and sexy fun.

The people who act as talent in the adult industry tirelessly build their personal brands all the while selling fantasies that people need in their lives. Whether this is through the operations of a web cam, over the phone sex, or some random move that your typical Anetta Keys type might perform in, they all have a similar goal. They want to make money and continue doing so.

The greatest judgment of all in accordance with the mislead beliefs about the adult industry in general is that everyone involved is a cheap slut, men included. This can not be further from the case. When the camera is turned off most of these people go home, get something to eat and play Xbox 360 for a while, just like anyone else.

Certainly they may be more intrigued by non-sexual practices than others. This, however, does not make them wanton whores. Many are even in committed relationships off screen.

To judge someone on the previously stated simple facts, and by doing so refer to them as a whore, is no different than walking up to your local Mcdonalds and referring to the young acne scarred register attendant before asking them why they prostitute themselves for minimum wage.

Are those hard working people in fact 'burger whores' because they sell their services? Is it that much more honorable to sling pre-constructed pseudo-meat products than it is to kneel before a well endowed member of the masculine sex and perform an act for high end compensation that most people do for free?

There is a problem in this world with the way people are judged. instead of taking true stock of a human beings heart and actions, most people settle only for what they misbelieve on the surface.

"To label me, is to negate me." Those are words once spoken by Soren Kierkegaard.

The next time you blythely seek to dismiss another as simply less than you, remember that statement. Sometime, somewhere, you will fe faced with a similar negation for no reason other than you exist and are unique.
Therein lies the difference. These individuals both work very hard at their craft.