- Very short composting cycles - 2 weeks is quick!
- Super easy to use - just plug it in, toss your food scraps in, and let the Naturemill do the rest
- No smelly composting in your home or backyard - The Naturemill has a very faint earthy odor, but I've found it to be quite pleasant. Even if you don't... just place the machine on a balcony or deck.
- Small - Takes up a tiny amount of space relative to a traditional compost pile
- Warranties - 1yr and 3yr warranties are pretty nice :-)


- Cost - At $299 or $399 the Naturemill is a whole lot more expensive then other composting options like Vermicomposting, Bokashi, or just your good ole' backyard compost pile
- Stability - This is anecdotal, but a cousin of mine had one and unfortunately it broke on him... twice. That was a good year ago, so these new models may be better (plus you have the warranty).

Full Review

Naturemill Indoor ComposterThe Naturemill indoor composter is a small indoor composting machine that enables almost any family to start composting their food waste with little to no effort. You simply purchase a Naturemill, plug it into a power socket in your home, and places your food scraps in it. The Naturemill then mixes, oxidizes, and breaks down the food waste, and at the end of 2 weeks you have a fresh set of compost that you can use in your backyard or garden.

Here's are some of the specifics:
1) Price & Models - There are 2 versions of the machine, the Plus XE which is $299 and the Pro XE which is $399. If you purchase the machine direct from they ship for free.
2) Size - The Naturemill is 20" high x 20" deep x 12" wide and weighs 17lbs.
3) What it Accepts - All food waste, but Naturemill recommends avoiding hard item such as bones, and fiberous items such as corn cobs and corn husks. There isn't a mention of whether the Naturemill can handle compostable food packaging products such as corn cups.Naturemill
4) Compost - Compost is produced approximately once every 2 weeks and an indicator light signals when to remove compost. The compost is then ready to be used immediately.
5) Installation - No installation is required, you just plug the Naturemill into a standard power outlet.
6) Energy Usage - Naturemill estimates the energy use of the Naturemill at "5 kwh / month- as much as a typical night light. This costs about $0.50 per month, depending on local rates."
7) Capacity - It has a capacity of 120lbs per month
8) Model Differences, The Plus vs The Pro - The Plus model has a one-year warranty; the Pro model has a 3 year warranty. The Pro comes in a variety of colors and it also has a foot pedal and a heavy duty mode that increases mixing and airflow for increased compost capacity.

In Closing

So, have you used a Naturemill before. If so, we'd love to hear from you - definitely tell us what you think in the comments!