THE NAZI BELL: is the codename for a wunderwaffe (top-secret) super weapon that Nazi Germany was trying to perfect during the closing days of World War II. There are several sources for a strange Germany prototype; Igor Witkowski, George Klein, and Hans Krammler.

To be clear no one really knows what the Bell's function was or what it was being built to do. Some speculate that Die Glocke (The bell) was a powerful engine. It is believed that this engine was a anti-gravity device. Others believe that the bell was used to power a time-machine. And that the Nazi's used the time-machine to travel back to the beginning of WWII and change history.

Jan Van Helsing articulates in Secret Societies that the design or technical data for the bell was obtained from the solar system Aldebaran, and that it involved a ocult ritual to summon the designs through a vortex. If so that means that Nazi cultists summoned technical data from an alien civilization in the Aldebaran system.

One of the most important elements from the Der Reise testing site, near the Wenceslaus mine, is the "henge"this is the only visible element left from the Third Reich testing site. Some speculate the henge to be the frame of a cooling tower, or no general importance, others however argue that it was something mroe. Witkowski believes that the henge was a test site for the bell. The bell would have been placed in the henge and it's function tested (whatever that function was, if there was a bell, is unknown)


In the book Hitler's surpressed and Still-secret weapons, Science and Technology, the author stevens wrote an eyewitness account of the henge and the bell's property. In the conversation he relates that the bell was used to power a concave mirror, at the henge, which allowed the users to witness "images from the past" and claims it was possible for the operators of the bell to go back and "witness" events, but not interact with those events or change the events and it was not possible for them to go forward in time.

To be clear, and the rest is conjecture, it seems that the Nazi scientists were trying to build a time-machine, the bell would be used as an anti-gravity device to allow the operators to step back in time. In the past they could change certain events or give future knowledge. You must remember that the bell was being tested in early 1945 and the outcome of the war was very certain at this time. The Third Reich was crumbling and nothing could stop it's collapse. However, perhaps the SS scientists and occultists who were constructing the device believed that they could go back in time to change certain key events which led to their downfall. But, upon completion of the bell, the bell did not work properly and only allowed the operators to witness past events through a conclave miror and did not allow them to actually change anything. They could only witness the past. Maybe, upon further testing, if they had enough time, they could change history.

The bell was secured by allied paratroopers and all the scientists who worked on the project were killed and buried in unmarked graves. The scientists were murdered by SS henchmen who did not want the project to fall into allied hands. Perhaps, they even destroyed the bell, or most of it. But, whatever was left was taken back to the U.S. or simply vanished into the depthless deeps of the Wencelaus mines.