Typical Upgraded Brake Kit

Disc brake systems are being widely adopted by automobile manufacturers as they are considered to be more effective than the normal drum brake systems. This is the basic reason why there was a need felt for brake kits to be introduced.

In the performance market, there are unlimited options available for upgrading vehicles. Racing and rallying for example require extensive use of the braking system. The system should therefore, be reliable in such situations.

Because the original system cannot support the performance requirements, brake kits were designed for this purpose. Components of the original system can be replaced with their upgraded and enhanced versions.

Brake Kits: Purpose and Function

For typical disc brake systems, brake kits that are available in the market offer a complete package. They include all the essential components which have to be installed in order to serve specific purposes. Brake kits are usually part of the high level modifications but are now being used for low stages of modifications as well.

The basic function of these brake kits is to improve handling and traction of a vehicle in addition to its stopping capabilities. Considering these elements is very important because they can have a huge impact on the vehicle’s overall performance levels.

Safety is one of the most critical factors which have to be considered by performance enthusiasts. The upgraded aftermarket brake kits are focused towards ensuring the safety of the vehicle and its driver by reducing the risks of accidents.

It is quite obvious that brake kits have to be reliable and efficient for all kinds of applications. They play a vital role so all the components have to be high-quality.

Brake Kit Basic Components

In some cases there is a need to change the entire braking system altogether but in most situations only specific components are replaced by using an upgrade kit. These components include:

Brake Calipers

These are basically responsible for creating friction between the wheel and the brake rotors in order to slow down or stop the vehicle. Kits that are available in the market include brake calipers which have been specifically designed for racing purposes. These calipers tend to have more brake pads than normal calipers for better efficiency and effectiveness.

Brake Rotors

These are metal discs which have a movement relative to that of the wheel itself. Brake calipers are attached to the brake rotors to create friction when brakes are applied. Upgraded brake rotors are therefore, part of the aftermarket brake kits for improved efficiency in performance settings.

Brake Pads

Brake pads are small discs which clamp onto the rotor to slow down or stop a vehicle as they contain friction material. The pads that are available with upgraded brake kits tend to increase the amount of friction created for better performance.

Peugeot Specific Kits

Peugeot kits have been adapted according to the engineering patterns of their vehicles which makes them suitable for a wide range of purposes and applications. These brake kits are easily available in the market and drastically improve the performance of the original braking system