Noise cancelling headphones

Have you ever been trying to study in your house, your dorm room, or a local coffee shop but there is just way too much noise? People are talking, machines are humming, televisions are loud and distracting which can take away your focus. Some people have found that finding a quiet area such as a library is really helpful to get away from the distractions but if you need to have your personal environment to study such as a computer and files you can't always retreat away from your desk or designated study area. The solution to this problem is noise cancelling headphones. I personally have bought a nice pair of noise cancelling headphones for studying and the difference is like night and day. Let's go into detail about this great product and why you need it.

Lose the distractions

Having noise cancelling headphones for studying is an effective way to cut down on distractions because it cuts out all of the sounds and noise in your immediate area. It's just part of human nature to get distracted by noise around us when we are tryinHeadphonesCredit: Wikimedia Commonsg to study or get a task accomplished because our minds are able to receive from our surroundings even if we are focused on a task. When wearing these headphones you have the ability to drown out any sound around the area you are studying. I personally take it one step further by turning on some soft relaxing music which puts you in a state of relaxation and puts away those distractions. Our minds have the ability to take in multiple sources of sounds and images and process them rapidly, but this is both a blessing and a curse in a sense. Because our minds are capable of doing this, we will be distracted by other influences and these headphones solve that problem easily.

Focus focus focus!

When studying for something important or trying to accomplish a task or job you want to be able to keep your focus on what you are doing. We have seen how noise cancelling headphones can cut out sound distractions, but what it also does is helps you focus. When the human mind only receives from one source we are able to concentrate on that task with more intensity and focus. So having only one source of sound in your headphones instead of multiple sources of sound from your environment will give you a keen edge in studying or working. When I play some soft music it's the only thing I can hear and the music I choose is ambient music with no distracting instruments or sounds and it helps me concentrate more fully on the task at hand. There's nothing quite like being in my dorm room with 5 guys watching The Office and being loud and not hearing a thing they are doing, but instead I'm in my own work with soft music focusing on the test I have the next day.

Will these break the bank?

Like all products out there, you get what you pay for. However most decent noise cancelling headphones out there on the market will run you about $70.00 and it will get the job done. I have seen a few paiBankCredit: rs from Sony that were less but I haven't tried them, and I had seen pairs that go for hundreds of dollars which I also can't speak for since I haven't tried them either. The pair I bought was $90.00 by Creative Labs and these things were absolutely amazing. There was not a sound around me and the almost hypnotic feeling of hearing nothing but the soft music I was playing gave me the ability to focus on my tasks with ease. If you are looking to study effectively but live in an environment that doesn't embrace quiet study time, then buying a pair of these headphones will make your life a whole lot easier and more productive.