As a starting point to my writing ‘adventure’ at InfoBarrel the first subject that jumped to mind was my need to write, the need to express my thoughts through written words, the desire to express ideas and communicate with the world beyond my house.

The need to write follows the right to read because it is through reading that I get inspired to write, to bring people into my thoughts the same way I always get into someone else’s thoughts whenever I read something written by others.

The magic of story books, for example, is its ability to provide a journey to a different world through the words of its writer, to fly to a different place without moving, to visit landscapes hidden from the sharpest eyes, to live amazing adventures inside our minds.

The Need to Write vs the Right to Read expresses, not the ‘fight’ between one and the other but its link, its constant connectivity. One frames the other in either direction.

I’m one of those people who aspire to write an adventure novel one day, to create a world of my own and be able to express those views to the world. Authors like Dan Brown or J. K. Rowling are inspirations to a ‘hope to be a writer one day’ like me. The way they push people across the world to live the adventures they have imagined in their own minds is inspirational and motivational.

How to start a novel, how to ignite the mind spark to write words after words in a logical sequence of events that will culminate in an attractive story that makes the reader go non-stop from start to finish? This is something I am still looking for an answer, still waiting to get that Eureka moment where all seems to make sense. One can only hope to achieve that moment one day and to join that very restrict group of ‘illuminated’ authors that are able to change people’s life.

In the meantime, I will continue to read, continue to jump from one page to another, from one city to another, from one world to another, continue to meet new characters that one day may influence my own characters … that one day will influence my own writing, my own literally world.

Till the day my words start designing a new world, I’m here starting to get my head into writing my thoughts in different subjects, different areas of life, part based on my own professional experience as a Landscape Architect, other part based on my own personal adventures as life situations.