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Health-conscious individuals often wonder about the negative effects of low pH levels in the body. The term pH is a unit of measure used to determine the level of acid in the body. Although the body needs a certain amount of acid to perform certain functions, like digestion, if the acid levels are too high, medical conditions can develop. Although there is much controversy among the medical community regarding the effects of low pH levels, in holistic medicine, regaining an acid/alkaline balance in the body is the first step toward reclaiming optimum health. To accomplish this, a person needs a pH level between 7.35 and 7.45. If your pH levels drop consistently below this range, it means that your system is too acidic, and you will start feeling the negative effects of low pH levels.

Check Your Body's pH Levels

You can find out whether your body is too acidic or too alkaline checking your body's pH. To do this, you can either test the pH in your saliva or in your urine with pH test strips. Simply place the strip under your tongue for about 20 seconds or hold it under the urine flow. The acid in the solution will cause the strip to change color. Match the strip's color to the corresponding color on the chart. You will find the chart on the container's label or inside the container. The reading below the corresponding color is the level of acid in the solution. You can find pH strips at most health food stores and online.

Initial Symptoms of Low pH Levels

The negative effects of too much acid (low pH levels) in a person's system vary from person to person. Most people have weaknesses in different parts of the body. One person may have a weakness in the heart, whereas another person may have a weakness in the kidneys. When a person's system becomes too acidic, the weak areas or organs suffer first.

Initially, a person may start to feel aches and pains due to too much acid in the muscle tissue or in the joints. Feeling tired or fatigued is another symptom of low ph levels, as well as general inflammation. If the problem continues, other disturbances may develop.

Health Conditions Associated with Low pH Levels

A common condition present in persons with low pH levels is arthritis. The accumulation of acid in the joints can corrode away the cartilage and cause the joints to become deformed. Heart disease, kidney failure and digestive problems are also among the conditions that can develop due to the negative effects of an acidic environment in the human body.

If the pH levels remain outside of the healthy range, in time it will lead to organ failure and eventually death. On the other hand, bringing the acid levels down and achieving a healthy acid-alkaline balance will help the body heal and rejuvenate itself.

Ways to Improve pH Levels 

Fortunately, a healthy lifestyle can go a long way in improving and balancing pH levels in the body. This includes nutrition, exercise, stress management and positive thinking. Drinking plenty of water is also important to flush out excess acid from the system. You will be happy to know that a healthy lifestyle will not only halt the negative effects of low pH levels in the body but also reverse them.

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