I love Nerf

Nerf Rayven Not My Favorite, But Perfect For Some

I love Nerf.  When I'm not shooting down my younger siblings and cousins, I'm buying them as gifts to equip my enemy.  After all, what's fun is a Nerf war that is not challenging?


The Nerf Rayven is a  Redesign of An Old Gun

The Firefly was one of the earlier glow-in-the-dark dart weapons, and the Nerf Rayven keeps the Firelfly logo on its clip and uses the same darts.  However, I think its 18 clip design and semi-automatic shooting prowess definitely speak to it being the meaner weapon of the two.


Nerf N-Strike Rayven

Getting The Nerf Strike Raven For Great Prices online?Credit: Amazon.comCredit: Amazon.com

Semi-Automatic Shooting

The Nerf Rayven uses a flywheel-driven shooting system that is powered by 4 AA batteries.  Unlike a lot of other Nerf guns, this one's flywheel is actually pleasantly quiet and doesn't make you feel exposed every time you spin it up.

Some people have expressed frustration with the fact that it does not fire without batteries.  Nerf makes a lot of non-battery guns, so I suppose it makes sense that they would do one that is battery focused.  

Especially with its compact design, having batteries to power it become more essential for getting the most power out of the least amount of space. 


18 Dart Clip

These clips are super easy to load and give you enough darts to send your enemies scurrying for cover before you have to reload.  Nerf got it right on their clip and its sure to please most.  

remember, it does need 3 AA batteries to power the LED lights. 

The glow dart setup is fun.  And while you probably wouldn't use the feature for the majority of your events, there are sure to be plenty of night games where you could get the full benefit of using "tracer rounds".

Several LEDs situated at the top of the clip power up the top dart for maximum glow.  However, they do need about 3-5 seconds to really make a difference. 


Tricky Trigger Design

The tricky thing about the Rayven is its trigger configuration.  It has to be powered up before launching the dart, and the accelerator button to do that is right underneath the trigger.  For younger kids and with smaller hands it is harder to for them to truly grasp the trigger and fire it properly. 

I personally still prefer the Nerf  Vortex series, with the Nitron being my favorite.  I guess I'm just more of an XLD disc fan.