Everybody Loves A NERF

The NERF line of products exploded into existance in the late 1960’s when the original NERF ball was introduced to the public and became an instant household essential. Since that time the slogan “it’s NERF or nothing” has proven true. Originally one toy, NERF now consists of multiple different lines of products that Nerf Sports, Nerf Blasters, Nerf N-Force, Super Soakers and now video games, Nerf also produces Lazer Tag products and has just recently released the Nerf Vortex line of blasters that uses glow-in-the-dark discs instead of the traditional plungers.

The Nerf Vortex Vigilon is one of the more popular Vortex line blasters, and for good reason. It has a few negative aspects, but the positive attributes far outweigh the negatives and the Vigilon has a shining reputation among users world-wide.  In this review I want to lay it all out for you by summarizing my own experience with the Vortex line as well as condensing the hundreds of customer reviews that I have found online.

Positive Attributes of the Nerf Vortex Vigilon

The Vortex Vigilon is extremely durable, with a heavy duty design and special features to keep it from jamming and breaking, including an extra disc-eject function for quickly removing jammed discs. It’s ideal for outdoors NERF wars and for younger teens who will be hard on it.

The Vigilon’s use of discs instead of Nerf darts makes it more accurate, and gives it a longer range. Users reported it shooting anything from 5-15 feet further than the traditional Nerf Blasters and with much greater accuracy.

The discs themselves are also a positive attribute, as they are much more durable than the traditional darts. They last much longer and a lot harder to destroy. The glow-in-the-dark function of the discs is also a lot of fun, and while the discs are more durable than the darts, they are still perfectly safe and do not even hurt little children if they are hit by one of them.

The reload function of the Vortex Vigilon consists of a drop down clip that is very easy to refill making it fast and easy to use multiple clips in succession. The fast reload can be crucial in Nerf wars in tight environments.

The price of the Vigilon is also a point in its favor. Averaging around $20 this is an extremely affordable toy. Replacement discs are easy to come by and the durability of this toy and its ammo means that you’ll be more likely to buy replacements for lost ammo than to have to replace the blaster or its discs because of breakage.

The Vortex Vigilon

Negative Attributes of the Vortex Vigilon

There are almost no negative reviews for the Vortex Vigilon, but amongst the common complaints there are several worth noting.

Foremost in the complaints is the price of the replacement ammo. A package of 40 replacement discs cost nearly the same as the actual blaster, and can feel like a waste of money. A lot of users who used the Vigilon in tight, indoor environments found that they lost enough discs for the replacement ammo cost to be a very big detriment.

Another complaint translates more into a tip- the bulky design of the Vigilon makes it very unwieldy for little hands. A lot of users with children in the 7-11 year range did not like the heavy cocking action or the thickness of the handles because both design aspects were uncomfortable for their children. Solution? Make sure that if you are purchasing the Vigilon as a gift, that you purchase it for the older set of users.

And finally, the discs being more accurate and moving at higher speeds tends to cause them to ricochet further and at less predictable angles than the dart blasters. This contributes greatly to users losing a lot of discs, and makes the disc blasters in general, not just the Vigilon, less than ideal for tight environments such as offices or libraries...but does anybody actually have nerf wars in libraries? That’d be so wrong...