A Nest Learning Thermostat Review


Best Thermostats NestCredit: Amazon

Smart thermostats are the new up and coming members in the energy saving and green market. For many these devices are considered the best thermostats you can buy. That’s because smart thermostats, such as the popular Nest Learning Thermostat, fixes a major flaw in programmable thermostats: human programmers. Most people do not set their cheaper programmable thermostats properly to save energy, or use the programming options at all.

Now will the Nest Thermostat, which is gaining internet buzz, save you money? Probably, if you are like most people when it comes to manually programming a thermostat in that you don't use it or don't use it effectively. The Nest Thermostat for most people will do a better job at programming for efficient heating and cooling, therefore you should see a significant savings in your energy use and energy bill over time.

What are Nest Learning Thermostats?

You don’t just set it and forget it. In fact, you don’t set this smart thermostat at all. You install it and forget it unless you want to adjust the temperature, but even that you will only need to do for a few days after installation. No complicated programming necessary. Designed by a former iPod design team member, the Nest Learning Thermostats are intuitive to use, even for the kids in the house: although that may be a drawback for some.

When setting up your Nest Learning Thermostat, it will ask you a few questions such as what your preferred away temperature is and the type of heating you have. In just seven days this small gadget attached the wall and reminiscent of old style thermostats starts to predict your preferences for indoor heating and cooling by recording and learning from when you manually change the thermostat, watching to see when you are home, and monitoring the outdoor temperature.  After a couple more weeks, it will have your temperature preferences more perfected.


  • Has remote control through wifi via an app or the internet. You can control this smart thermostat from you iPhone or Android wherever you are.  
  • It reports your energy use. For the geek in you, this will be a favorite featureNest Learning ThermostatsCredit: Amazon. It shows you exactly how you are wasting or saving energy and it can become addictive trying to save more energy with minor changes.
  • Motion detector knows when you are home and adjustments to the temperature are made, even overriding what it has “learned” about your regular habits and temperature preferences if you are home on a day you are usually away.
  • Learns how long it takes your heater or air conditioner to raise or lower the temperature by 1 degree. This way, if the thermostat knows you will be home in 1 hour and the AC will take an hour to get it to your preferred temperature, the thermostat kicks the AC on an hour before you get home.
  • It turns the heating and AC off when you are away. This is the biggest money saving feature. But you can set your own manual away temperature for the Nest to use.

Will the Nest Thermostat Save You Money?

Is it a good value? At an initial cost of $249, this is not a cheap thermostat. But the idea is that it will save you money by improving on your use of the thermostat. The makers estimate it will save you about 8% percent on your energy bills. If you spend about $200 a month on heating and cooling, the monthly average savings of $16 will have you saving $192 a year, so the smart thermostat will pay for itself is just over a year.