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JustaFive.com - JustaFive offers higher job categories ($10 and $20) in addition to the standard $5 job range. This is a big time pro for job sellers because it allows them to offer higher value jobs in addition to make a little more money for their services. JustaFive.com also offers users a referral program of 5% residual for any purchases or sales from whom they refer. Again, this gives individuals more opportunity to make money and the affiliate marketing world a way to earn from their traffic and email lists also. Users can login or sing up through Facebook, Twitter and OpenID, a nice feature that Fiverr doesn't have.

GigBucks.com - Similar to JustaFive.com, Their site offers more than just a $5 job opportunity. Users can also sign in through other means than a site registration.

TenBux.com - Another site that capitizied on the lack of higher job order opportunities and offer both $5 and $10 jobs.

Zeerk.com - There is no hold period for sellers which means once they deliver their work and a user accepts it, the funds are released into their account. On Fiverr, there is a 10 day hold on money. Zeerk looks like they have done well to build traffic and jobs on their site and have a good deal of inventory.


JustaFive.com - There are a few less jobs than on other sites but as traffic builds, this will likley not be a con for long.

Gigbucks.com - The site seems to be flooded with Google AdSense ads and banner offers along the left site. These can get a little annoying.

TenBux.com - Not many cons to speak of, the lack of a referral program could limit their potential.

Zeerk.com - The site seems cluttered but the design does capture attention with the background and logo.

Full Review

A new trend has developed online over the last 6 months which I'm titling the "$5 economy." Work from home professionals, entrepreneurs, graphic designers, and litterally anyone who has some skills and a little creativity are cashing in on a little extra money by using these sites. It started with Fiverr but latley some new players have launched with some different features that seem to be capturing the market. This is a review of those sites, what makes them better (or the same, or worse). Here is a short list of the sites that have reciently launched:





In Closing

Overall, it would appear that Justafive and Zeerk have done the right things to take some market share from Fiverr. These new microjob economy sites won't have the same reach or earning potential that Odesk or elance has - however, they're fun an unique appeal in addition to very useful services being offered will help to grow the outsourcing trend.