The ADzero Smartphone, Tomorrow's Green Technology Today!


Calling all eco-warriors! An inspired college student from England has developed aADzero bamboo cell phoneCredit: more environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to the typical hard-plastic exteriors of that old mainstay of interpersonal communication, the cell phone. The material of choice? Bamboo!

Bamboo, as a sustainable 'green' material, is used today in well over a hundred different products from handbags to iPhone docks. And now with bamboo laptops it seems as though it would be just a matter of time untill someone applied the eco-friendly Bamboo to the latest in cell phone technology. With the advent of the ADzero you can add one more want to the list.

The brain child of Middlesex University Undergrad Kieron-Scott Woodhouse, the ADzero is the first smart phone made of wood. Bamboo or Rosewood, its your choice. And although the ADzero is larger than the iPhone with a bigger screen, thanks to the bamboo it weighs only half as much.

As a Product and Design student Woodhouse designed the stylish new cell phone with an organic bamboo casing. Using Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook Woodhouse succeeded in getting the attention of Chinese technology entrepreneur Jerry Lao.

Lao first caught wind of Woodhouse's design through Social media. So far he has invested about $20,000 in the ADzero and already they have received nearly global attention through mainstream media outlets. As soon as Lao and his marketing company arrange full financing, production of the new design will begin soon. And although other wood based materials for phones have been tried before, the ADzero is sure to be a at least a modest hit.

The ADzero was originally going to be released in Chinese markets but after it was introduced at the London Design Festival it began to generate a strong positive buzz. As a result of the heightened interest production was expanded to the UK. The bamboo casing is being grown locally in China near the manufacturing sites for the handsets themselves. The wood casing has also been specially treated for strength and durability.

Although the Bamboo casing is certainly its most striking new feature it is not the ADzero's only new feature. The ADzero has a special 'Ring Flash' technology where the flash for photos originates from a ring that circles the camera lens.  According to Lao this new feature will provide a more even illumination and aid in minimizing shadows making for a more crisp and clean image. Also the ADzero is designed to run on Google's Android operating system (which version has not been said) with a specially designed interface called Adaos. But until full production begins on the handsets all tech options remain open to change.

Woodhouse certainly wants the ADzero to become a huge hit but his initial marketing strategy for the bamboo smart phone is to sell it to a number of independent Boutiques or specialty stores before moving into larger markets. This Woodhouse hopes will give the ADzero a kind of rogue styling and 'bespoke' image that will entice the more trend-conscious cell phone uses. With this base a jump to the main stream should not be too difficult.

The release date for the ADzero is not yet known, but it is expected sometime late this year. The ADzero will only be available in the UK; details about pricing have yet to be released.