Streaming Videos On Your TV

If you're pretty connected, you already know about the free places to watch online video. Recently, Youtube allowed companies to post full length TV shows and videos. These companies are able to make money though advertisements served.

Although the release of Google TV didn't go all that well, with multiple production studios banning content, it still has a good amount of video along with unique video production. Google TV is completely free.

This is perfect for a college student, or someone who is struggling with their money. Instead of paying for both cable and Internet, you'll just have to pay one Internet bill, and be able to watch most of the TV shows you love. The best part is they are all completely on demand, and you don't need an expensive device to start doing it.

Services like Hulu have been around for some time, and the difference between Hulu and the rest is that they really don't need to make money. They were previously backed by GE, as NBC used to own the website. This is why most all NBC shows were available for free. Now, Hulu has offered a paid version of their service that is incredibly affordable. Its called Hulu plus, and for some shows you are able to watch every episode within the series -- and that's amazing. For example, every episode of The Office is available to watch! For people who love watching hours of the same TV show, or watch a series they haven't seen before, this is a great option.

Even major league sports organizations are seeing the profitability. The MLB has an online subscription service that allows you to see every game going on at any given time. They have even released the service for their minor league.The NBA has a very similar service, as does the NHL. Although these subscriptions can be a little expensive, they are still most certainly cheaper than those that you can purchase on cable or satalite. The NFL hasn't said anything about an online video subscription service, and due to their complex royalty rights, it doesn't seem to be coming any time soon.

This brings us to the invention of the streaming video players. These players allow you to stream anything you want to your TV. They adapt to services like Amazon and Netflix so you can buy or rent HD movies on the fly, whenever you want. One of the best is the Roku XDS player. It streams in full 1080p, and is extremely affordable.

Hopefully this article has helped you learn more about the future of online video, and what it holds now.