On July 1st at least 5 of the major players in the internet provider industry will begin using a system of graduated responses in an attempt to curb copyright infringements that the entertainment industry has said are so destructive. The responses will be graduated, increasing in each step to add a little more severity, beginning with warnings, escalating to connection throttling, and some have suggested, culminating in disconnection.

The Onus Is All On You

Aside from the fact that many have stated many concerns about this agreement walking on the anti-trust laws, it also seems to ignore the present belief of “innocent until proven guilty.” VPNReviewz reports that not only will the accused have to prove their innocence, but that the playing field is tilted against the defender. They assert that the accused infringer has only 10 days to prepare the defense argument, and then have only 6 preset options to select from. Another assertion of VPNReviewz is that individual case reviewers must remain neutral…and what about fraudulent claims? There are no consequences for these, no matter how many fraudulent claims are made.

Could This Be You?

Educating The Masses

After you have received your first accusations of infringement, the plan is to “educate” the infringer. But according to VPNReviewz, the education amounts to little more than scare tactics and fear mongering. The whole plan being directed from the Center for Copyright Information, which is not required to report any kind of actions, and seriously lacks in transparency. VPNReviewz CEO, Michael Maxstead, said, “Who do you think will pay for all this surveillance and education? The subscribers, of course.” He goes on to explain that the costs of the monitoring, reviewing, notification, and all other processes, will be passed on to the customer in the form of higher administrative fees.

RUN, Run Like He**

VPNReviewz has reported that the 5 companies participating in this Orwellian program are, Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, Cablevision, and Time Warner. Mr. Maxstead exclaimed, when asked about what subscribers should do, “Run…run like he**.” He said that while the major players are participating, a few aren’t. Sonic and Cox Communications are 2 American companies that are well known for their standing behind the rights of their customers, but not all are. He says that if a person wants to maintain their privacy, the only real guarantee of privacy is using a private VPN service.

Speak UP - Use Your Wallet

The VPNReviewz CEO claims that while the companies didn’t consult their customers in making this decision, the customers can let the companies know what they think by simply switching services. And while companies like Sonic, or Cox, may not be available in some areas, VPN’s are available everywhere an internet connection exists, and they are easy to use.